Kim Richards Bolts Rehab In The Middle Of The Night

Kim Richards, formerly of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, bolted out of rehab in the middle of the night after just a month. Richards once again left rehab early, allegedly because she was not getting along with the rehab staff and doctors. Sadly, Richards has a history of leaving rehab prematurely, and has relapsed.

It has also been suggested by TMZ that the timing of Kim Richards’ exit from rehab was a bit of a coincidence, as the family members (including sister Kyle) who have given her tough love were all in England for niece Nicky Hilton’s wedding. Her family has reason for concern, as after the last family wedding in Mexico, Kim did not return to rehab as planned, and instead spent the time partying.

Kim richards

This time, Kim Richards stayed a month, though she had committed to a 90 day stay. At this time, Richards is 38 days sober after struggling with substance abuse for years. Prior to her daughter’s wedding in Mexico, Richards fell off the wagon in April after being arrested for public intoxication and assault at a Los Angeles hotel bar.

As previously reported in the Inquisitr, Richards is due back in court later this week, on July 16.

The Inquisitr also reported last month that Kim Richards was not doing her all to get the most out of her current rehab facility.

“Kim has not been participating in the group activities here. She has not been especially nice to the other patients and has managed to seclude herself as much as possible.”

As witnessed on the Bravo show, RHOBH, Kim Richards can have a mean side when she is not happy or getting her way.

“She has not been especially nice to the other patients and has managed to seclude herself as much as possible.”

The hearing this week will be critical for Richards to see if the plea deal, offered by the prosecutor, is still available. Currently, Kim Richards can avoid jail if she agrees to three years probation, 30 days of community labor, or 30 days in the county jail. She must also attend AA meetings, and pay restitution to the victim of her April arrest. Kim Richards must also stay away from the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills where she was arrested.

For now, Richards says she is cured of alcoholism, and will continue with outpatient treatment. Only time will tell if Richards can keep her word.

Do you think Kim Richards can stay sober?

[Photos courtesy of All About the Tea]