Batman V Superman Receives A New Trailer

Batman v Superman's new trailer has made a lot of noise at Comic-Con, creating a plot bridge from Man of Steel and throwing in a bunch of DC Comic references for good measure. For Zack Snyder, showing up at the Comic-Con with a bit of new information on Batman v Superman has already turned into a little tradition of sorts. In 2013, he invited Harry Lennix on stage to read a passage from The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, the story that inspired the movie. In 2014, he revealed the presence of Wonder Woman in the story and showed a short video of Batman in his characteristic suit, looking menacingly at Superman floating above in the rain.

This time we got a full-fledged new trailer, which immediately became one of the high points of the current Comic Con, as reported by Cinemablend.

"Over the weekend, the new Batman v Superman trailer debuted at San Diego Comic-Con and tied together the events of Man of Steel with the superhero face-off. While we saw footage of Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne witnessing the destructive force of Superman's power, someone has gone one step further to connecting these two films".
According to many, this new trailer does a much better job at explaining the premise of the future movie and at showing off its action parts. The previous trailer, released in April, was, according to the Inquisitr, considered to be too somber and not very good at explaining why, when all is said and done, two iconic DC Comics heroes actually fight each other.
"While the leaked Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer video does not tell us exactly why Batman and Superman are fighting, we then hear Alfred lecturing Bruce Wayne, warning him that the 'feeling of powerlessness turns good men cruel.' Audiences are then treated to the Batplane blowing away vehicles in the street, in addition to seeing Ben Affleck in his standard Batsuit."
Anyway, it is still a long way off towards the release of the movie, which is going to happen on March 25, 2016 – yet, it is certainly enough to feed theory-building and nitpicking by fans for the next few months. As the release date of Batman v Superman is drawing nearer, however, we are likely to see more and more of them – Zack Snyder is well-known for carefully preparing his audience in advance.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment]