CCTV Camera Catches Ghostly Figure In U.K. Wine Bar [Video]

A CCTV camera picked up something eerie in the corridor of a popular wine bar in Warrington, England. After the footage was released on social media, paranormal experts have been called in to investigate whether there is a ghostly figure haunting the bar.

The owner of the shipwreck-themed Dreamwater Lounge wine bar in Warrington has reportedly called in experts in the paranormal after viewing the eerie footage, which appears to show a ghostly figure moving inside the building.

As reported on the Manchester Evening News, when watching the eerie video footage, the first thing that can be seen is the camera detecting motion and starting to record. The camera then appears to start shaking and what appears to be a ghostly figure comes into view, gliding along a rope bridge in the bar. The alleged apparition eventually disappears.

Ghostly figure

Simon Ellison, 44, owner of the Dreamwater Lounge, does admit that the bar itself can be a little spooky and there does appear to be something moving along, but he says that the leaked footage has definitely been edited to make the “ghost story” appear even more dramatic.

“There is something there, moving along the rope bridge, but a lot of it has clearly been added.”

According to Ellison, the version of the CCTV footage posted to YouTube is over the top. He says for one thing, it is a CCTV camera, which records all the time, not just when there is motion from a ghostly figure coming into view.

According to the Mirror, he also said that on the video footage, a battery symbol can be seen in the corner and the CCTV camera in the bar runs on power from the mains. However, he did say the camera shaking “is a nice touch.”

“I am not sure what the moving figure is. Everyone has different ideas. Some say it is a woman, I have even seen people say they think it is someone on a horse. That makes me laugh because if you could see that bridge you would know you could never get a horse down there.”

The CCTV video footage was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday, and in the description it was claimed that the footage of the ghostly figure had been captured a few hours before. However, the date on the video itself appears to be July 1.

The scene captures a view of a rope bridge, which is part of the wine bar’s shipwreck theme, and does appear to show a ghostly figure moving along.

Whether the video has been edited or not, the sighting of the ghostly figure is attracting a lot of attention from those interested in all things spooky and the paranormal. Apparently, there has been contact from ghost hunters from the U.S. and Australia, longing to investigate this further.

In related news, the Inquisitr reported a while back on the story of a hospital worker who claimed to have taken a photo of a ghostly figure near the children’s ward.

What do you think readers? Is it all fake or is it time to call Ghostbusters?

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]