Did Drake And Serena Williams Make Out At Wimbledon?

New couple alert! Are Drake and Serena Williams hooking up? According to a South African publication, the two were spotted making out at Wimbledon.

While we don’t know if this report is true or not, we do know Drake was having a blast at Wimbledon. In fact, Drake’s mere appearance at Wimbledon caused a few posts on social media.

Drake’s just running through #Wimbledon with his woes: http://t.co/bOQwBttXV2 pic.twitter.com/uuiOU3IxXK

— The Urban Daily (@TheUrbanDaily) July 9, 2015

While Drake’s appearance at Wimbledon caused excitement on multiple levels, nothing really compares to the excitement the internet is feeling after rumors of a potential power couple. According to Times Live, Drake and Serena Williams were spotted making out. After her win, the 33-year-old champion was spotted “hooking up” with Drake at the clubhouse. It’s noted that Serena also gave Drake a hug after her press conference ended on Friday.

Aside from that Serena was also heard joking with Drake about the status of their relationship after she was supposedly grilled about it during the press conference. According to a source, who spoke with the outlet, this might be a little bit more than a hook up.

“‘Publicly she says they’re just friends but Drake has been by Serena’s side throughout the tournament, and when they’ve been away from the public and relaxed, it’s been pretty obvious that they are together.”

Interestingly enough, Serena did actually mention Drake in an interview with the associated press at Wimbledon. After her Wimbledon win when she was asked if Drake was her lucky mascot, she said, “We’ve been friends for, like, so many years. Just like family.”

Drake even posted his support for Serena on Instagram:
Serena Williams post

Although the only outlet to report the news so far is Times Live, it looks like they got their facts straight leading up to Drake and Serena’s romantic night out. This wouldn’t be the only rapper that Williams has dated. Serena and rapper-actor Common were in a relationship for years before Serena broke it off.

Either way it sounds like the internet is co-signing on this possible romance.

[Photo by Clive Brunskill/ Getty Images]