Taylor Swift Suffers From A Stage Malfunction After Special Guest

Taylor Swift is currently on her very successful 1989 tour. That said, not everything can go according to plan. Fans were thrilled with Taylor Swift’s surprise guest Lorde, who joined her BFF for a special rendition of “Royals,” but moments after the special surprise Swift experienced an unfortunate stage malfunction.

The malfunction happened during her Nationals Park concert in Washington, D.C. on Monday night. Swift got stuck on an extended stage and was suspended up on the stage for some time. Instead of freaking out or making the whole malfunction a catastrophe, Taylor took it in stride. The moment, while it must have been at least a bit scary for Swift, turned out comical as the singer cracked a joke to her audience.

Swift told her fans exactly what was happening during the show. “They just told me in my ear that I might be stuck up here forever. This thing is broken.”

Swift continued to explain, “I was just thinking about how I was singing a song about rain and it rained today…it’s not that funny…We’re just gonna have to rechoreograph the entire show. It’s fine. Whatever. It’s gonna be a unique show D.C.!”

Fortunately, the stage was fixed and Swift was able to end her show the way she intended it. After the malfunction was over, Swift said, “I’m so happy, you guys! I didn’t know what I was going to do!”

Fans of course reacted appropriately:

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s stage malfunction? Do you think she handled it like a pro?

[ Photo by Carrie Davenport / Getty Images]