‘Possessed Twins’ Claim To Communicate With The Ghosts Of Princess Diana And Michael Jackson, And Predict Terror Attacks

A pair of identical twin sisters have made the outlandish claim that they’re in regular contact with the ghosts of Princess Diana and Michael Jackson.

The physic siblings are also adamant that they can also predict the future through their contacts from beyond the grave and claim they predicted, amongst other atrocities, the 9/11 terror attacks a year before it happened.

The 50-year-old twins claim that spirits from the other side, such as Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, possess their fingers and use the twins to channel their ghostly thoughts onto paper.

The Express reports that Terry and Linda Jamieson insist they often converse with dead icons who died before their time with Linda explaining how, in one conversation, Princess Diana expressed her thrill at Prince George and Princess Charlotte being born.

“We spoke to Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and other icons who died too young. We asked them what really happened to them.


“Princess Diana said she had chosen her destiny. She was thrilled with Prince George and Princess Charlotte being born.”

Explaining how “one of us would channel the spirit and the other would perform the automatic writing,” Linda revealed how they first began to access information “from another dimension.”

“I was accessing it from another dimension. It’s strange because you are conscious of what you’re doing. Terry watched me doing it and tried herself. Then she realised she could also do it.”

As well as being able to communicate with the dead, the talented twins also lay claim to the powers of premonition.

“We work with spirits in a ‘soul collective.’ We’ve been working with them ever since we started and that’s how we’re able to make our predictions.

“We’ve been developing this for years. To begin with we’d be doing it every day. That’s how we’re able to get such specific predictions.”

The Mirror reports that the supernatural sisters have used their physic power to predict many terrible events, including the 9/11 terror attacks, the cyber attack on Sony, the Baltimore riots in the US, and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Terry explained, “We were on the radio in November 1999 and we said there would be a major terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers.”

“We said it would happen before 2010 and thousands would perish. We also said there would be attacks against other federal buildings. People were amazed by the detail we gave.”

The twins, who grew up in Pennsylvania first became aware of their special powers at the age of 20, when they began to be plagued by hellish nightmares, nightmares that Linda claims predicted future events.

“We would have horrible visions while we were asleep. We had nightmares about the tsunami in 2004 for years before it happened.”

The twins make hundreds of predictions every year, and Terry said they do not charge for them as it is a “public service.”

“We do have private sessions with some people where we charge but not many. We have so many of them occurring. After the 9/11 predictions, we finally had people taking us seriously.”

In their new book, the twins claim to reveal sensational secrets revealed to them by Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, as well as other dead celebrities such as Whitney Houston, John Lennon, Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Steve Irwin, and a host of other famous faces, which sort of reads like a guest list for an Oprah Winfrey show from beyond the grave.

(Image Via Wikimedia Commons)