Did Rupert Darwin Really Keep An Alligator As Sex Slave After It Tried To Eat Him?

Dawn Papple

A 59-year-old Florida man named Rupert Darwin was arrested for keeping an alligator as a sex slave after it tried to eat him, according to the story featured on Thug Virals. It's a disgusting story that has gone viral, because people are utterly revolted at the idea of having sex with animals. Having sex with an alligator seems somehow more disgusting -- perhaps it's the salmonella factor. Of course, the side-by-side photo of a man, who Thug Virals claims is Rupert Darwin, and a photo of an alligator tied up, also invokes extreme anger and hatred towards Darwin in animal lovers and animal rights advocates.

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According to the horrific story, Rupert told the cops that he was not actually sexually attracted to the alligator. He claimed that he kept it as a sex slave in order to torture it, because killing the animal would not have been awful enough. In the story, Rupert claims that the alligator had tried to eat him. Readers didn't believe the man's story, claiming that it was obviously Rupert's way of acting as though he wasn't into reptilian bestiality. If a man were to keep an alligator captive and rape it regularly, it wouldn't be that hard to believe that one would deny their affinity to bestiality, but alas, the entire story is made up. One could call it a satire article, or just a scam for increased page views and website revenue, but the fact remains that it simply never happened.

Besides for the lack of an arrest record for Rupert Darwin, the Collier County Sheriff's Office also confirmed that the story is false on their Facebook page.

"Hey everyone -- this story seems to be gaining traction on social media, but don't believe it. It's as fake as crocodile tears," the post confirmed. Indeed, Rupert Darwin was never arrested in Collier County for animal abuse after keeping an alligator as a sex slave.

[Photo via Pixabay]