‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Stars Fed Fans A Teaspoon Of Teasers At This Year’s Comic-Con [Video]

Warning: This article contains spoilers for American Horror Story: Hotel.

It may seem that American Horror Story has fallen by the wayside with all of the attention given to Ryan Murphy’s new horror project, Scream Queens, but the truth is the public knows just as much about American Horror Story. The few scraps of teasers Ryan Murphy has allowed to be revealed came early in the summer hiatus, leaving AHS fans with nothing new to glean from the series, until now.

In a way, San Diego Comic-Con serves as a turning point for shows like American Horror Story, marking the second half of the summer hiatus and establishing a period of spoilers, teasers, and trailers to whet fans’ appetites for returning shows and new additions to the fall line-up. For many horror fans, American Horror Story remains at the top of that list, so this much anticipated American Horror Story: Hotel teaser was met with a wild reaction from SDCC fans the moment it was revealed.

While the American Horror Story: Hotel teaser is brief and reveals nothing as to the identity of the owner of those dangerously sharp fingernails, the implication of the following splash screen prominently displaying the name “Lady Gaga” seems clear.

The official American Horror Story accounts on both Facebook and Twitter seem to add confirmation to the assumption that those are Lady Gaga’s fingers.

“The Lady is ready to check in to AHS:Hotel this October on FX,” reads the teaser’s caption on Facebook.

“She’s ready to ring in a whole new horror this October. @ladygaga #AmericanHorrorStory,” was attached to American Horror Story’s Twitter posting.

Beyond the video teaser, some new details were revealed by cast members and by Ryan Murphy himself, responding to AHS fans’ needs to satisfy their curiosity. Possibly the most intriguing American Horror Story: Hotel reveal came from Murphy, as he spoke of the previously mentioned interconnection between the various seasons of American Horror Story.

“Characters from previous seasons will come back and check into the hotel.”

The AHS creator added that everything will come together by the end of the series.

The American Horror Story panel did reveal more than expected about the character to be played by Lady Gaga. Ms. Gaga will be playing a woman involved with the fashion world and, as such, Lady Gaga has been working on her costumes for American Horror Story: Hotel in conjunction with fashion designers.

For those AHS fans growing weary of the song and dance routine, E! News revealed that there will be no musical numbers in American Horror Story: Hotel.

It seems that there will be no heroes in this season of American Horror Story, according to Ryan, who described this year’s cast as “bad boys and girls.”

It was also revealed that Sarah Paulson’s luck has run out. Mr. Murphy commented that Ms. Paulson had survived through every season of American Horror Story, adding that it was time Sarah had a change of luck. Sounds like Paulson is in for a brutal death scene.

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres in October on FX.

[Featured image courtesy of FX/American Horror Story]