One Direction: Heartfelt Reunion With Zayn Malik

Leigh Egan

After finally cutting ties with producer Naughty Boy, former boy band member Zayn Malik reached out for an emotional reunion with his old One Direction band mates.

Zayn touched base with the boys after a nasty dispute caught on Twitter between Zayn and his once friend, Naughty Boy, a UK music producer who has been causing Twitter drama amongst One Direction fans for numerous months.

Although the One Direction boys have always said there are no hard feelings, it appears as if Zayn wanted to make sure his former band mates understand that he's still there for them, at least as friends.

According to an undisclosed source, Zayn first reached out to Louis Tomlinson, 23, who also had a public feud with Naughty Boy earlier this year. He then connected with the rest of the band, assuring them that they are still his brothers.

"Zayn has spoken to Louis Tomlinson, 23, and the 1D boys in the past few weeks after realizing more and more that Naughty Boy was only out for himself. Zayn actually apologized to Louis for all the crap that went down. Zayn wanted to reach out and make sure they all knew he was still their brother."

Although unconfirmed, an undisclosed source states that Zayn needs more professionalism in his career; something that Naughty Boy is clearly lacking if he did indeed leak Zayn's video.

"Sarah Stennett is very experienced. She's one of the best in the industry – but she won't want anybody around who is too much of a livewire or keeps gossiping."