Weightlifter Collapses: Woman Faints After Lifting 233-Pounds At Pan Am Games

A weightlifter collapses after lifting 233 pounds in the Pan Am Games competition held in Ontario.

Fox Sports reports that the 20-year-old Venezuelan fell forward underneath the bar while holding the weight above her. She buckled under the pressure and fainted. She quickly fell on the ground as the bar bell dropped behind her — miraculously avoiding serious injury. A concerned audience looked on as she laid on the ground for a few moments before picking herself up.

Not long after the female weightlifter collapses, she makes another attempt at lifting the heavy weights. By the third try, Rodriguez Gomez added an extra 10 pounds to the bar, lifting a total of 240 pounds. She went on to win the silver medal in the women’s 116-pound category. Luckily, the young competitor turned out to be alright and was able to continue her competition.

In 2013, a similar incident happened to another woman who was in an extreme cross-training session. Daily Mail posted footage that was originally published on LiveLeak. It’s unknown in what part of the world it took place, but the bar holding the weights came crashing down on the competitor’s neck. She fell as the bar came down, almost as if she was doing a somersault. Her head was then jarred underneath it, as seen in the video below.

A woman in the later stages of pregnancy posted photos of herself lifting heavy weights — earning her a plethora of criticism from social media users. Lea-Ann Ellison was a 35-year-old mother from Los Angeles and was proud to show off pictures that were taken of her weightlifting. She declared that she wanted to be a “hot mom” and was willing to do what it took to be just that, even if it meant her best judgment was in question.

One lady was horrified at Ellison for putting her baby in danger over weightlifting.

“This is actually sickening,” wrote Amanda Cinq-Mars. “I hope pregnant [women] around the world do not do this kind of cr**.”

“I am a Crossfit enthusiast but I do not recommend this at all. Doctors always strongly suggest to not lift heavy because you can sever your placenta and cause major damage an early labor and miscarriage… Posting this picture goes people the wrong message that this is okay when it’s not!”

The weightlifter who collapsed in Ontario wasn’t pregnant — and made a rather quick recovery despite her body’s severe response to the number of pounds she was lifting above her head.