Cindy Crawford Kids Model: Kaia And Presley Gerber Inherit Cindy Crawford’s Modeling Gene

Cindy Crawford’s kids model, proving that they inherited their mom’s gene for looking amazingly good in photos. According to Us Weekly, Crawford’s two kids, Kaia and Presley Gerber, are in a photo spread for the CR Fashion Book, Issue 7, which will be released in September. The photos were taken by Bruce Weber.

“In the first photo, Kaia, 13—looking like a miniature version of her supermodel mom, Cindy Crawford—rocks an embellished bubblegum dress while lounging on a printed pillowcase. Her eyes are lined in black, her lips are lightly glossed, and her cheeks are adorned with a smattering of small, colorful stars.”

Cindy Crawford’s kids model together in a second photo, and that has people talking too. Previously, people couldn’t get over just how much Kaia looks like her mom, and now people are getting a good look at Presley, who also has some really great features (like those smoldering eyes — even if he is only 15!

“The second snap does one better—it features her handsome brother, Presley, too. While Kaia, all dressed up in Versace, does her best Blue Steel beneath a sports car, her big bro, 15, looks casually glam sitting next to her in a blazer and jeans, holding a vintage camera.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kaia recently signed a modeling contract with IMG Models. Kaia and Presley were styled for the photoshoot by Carine Roitfeld.

And while Cindy Crawford’s kids model, no one can forget that their mom has still got it. After being married to Rande Gerber for 17 years, Crawford posted a “throwback” photo of herself in a bikini (she still looks great now, of course). As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the couple has a very strong bond, and seem happier together than ever before.

“Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber are one of the rare examples of a solid Hollywood relationship, largely because the couple prefers to avoid the spotlight and instead remains committed to their small group of friends.”

Are you surprised that Cindy Crawford’s kids are getting into the business? Do you think that Kaia will be a success like her mom? Do you think Presley will start doing more modeling gigs?

[Photo by Anthony Kwan / Getty Images]