No Charges For Caitlyn Jenner: Fatal Crash Not Resulting In Felony Charge, Caitlyn Not ‘Egregious’ Behind Wheel

There will be no charges for Caitlyn Jenner following a car accident that left one 69-year-old woman dead back in February. According to Gawker, police have reviewed the video footage from the crash, and have concluded that Jenner was not driving erratically or doing anything illegal (texting) while behind the wheel.

Police say that Caitlyn — who was Bruce Jenner at the time of the accident — was showcasing “ordinary negligence” only, and that means that felony charges won’t be filed. As for misdemeanor charges, they are still possible, but unlikely.

News that there will be no charges for Caitlyn Jenner hit the internet on Sunday. According to TMZ, the likelihood of Jenner walking away from this crash with nothing more than sad feelings of remorse is great.

“Said plainly… there are no extenuating circumstances — texting, drinking, drugs, or yakking on the phone — so, there’s no felony. It’s a tragic accident, but nothing more than a misdemeanor. Also in Jenner’s favor — we’re told typically when cops present a case like this, it gets dismissed altogether.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jenner is facing a wrongful death lawsuit. The adult step-child of Kim Howe (the woman killed in the accident) and the family have hired attorneys, pursuing Jenner after she failed to appear at a deposition.

“Ms. Jenner has refused to accept responsibility for causing this collision. Plaintiffs have also obtained a statement from a witness who described Ms. Jenner driving erratically just prior to the crash. Defendant Jenner is attempting to escape responsibility by arguing that plaintiffs do not have standing to bring this wrongful death action.”

Since there will be no charges for Caitlyn Jenner, there is a chance that the lawsuit won’t stick either. There were already some holes in it anyway, as people “not financially dependent” on Howe — and ones who didn’t have a relationship with her — filed the suit. This, of course, is a sign that the family is just trying to get some money out of Jenner, taking advantage of an already tragic situation.

In the coming weeks, the court will decide whether or not the lawsuit will stand, and Caitlyn Jenner will have a better idea about what she’s facing. Chances are she’ll pay the family off if she has to just to put all of this behind her.

Do you think Caitlyn should be sued in this case? Do you think she should face charges?

[Photo via Caitlyn Jenner / Instagram]