Matthew Muller Arrested In Denise Huskins Kidnapping: ‘Gone Girl’ Kidnapping Initially Called A Hoax

Matthew Muller, a Harvard-educated lawyer with a history of professional and legal problems, has been arrested in the kidnapping case of Denise Huskins, a bizarre California case that was, at one time, considered a hoax by police, KCRA (Sacramento) is reporting.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, on March 23, kidnappers forced their way into the Vaellejo home of Huskins’ boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, tied the two up with zip ties, then drugged and blindfolded them. The kidnappers forced Quinn into a vehicle and left a message demanding an $8,500 ransom. Two days later, however, Huskins was released, unharmed, not far from her own home in Huntington Beach, 400 miles from Vallejo.

Huskins said that she was treated reasonably well by her kidnappers, stating that though they put goggles over her eyes and made her lie down in the back of the car when they were transporting her, and though they tied her to a bed with zip ties and bike lock, they also provided her with food and water and allowed her to shower, change clothes, and brush her teeth.

The same day Huskins was released, Vallejo police called a news conference and stated that the kidnapping was a hoax and that there was no evidence to support Denise Huskins’ claim that she was abducted, according to CBS News. Huskins and Quinn have vehemently denied that the kidnapping was a hoax.

However, on June 8, a man named Matthew Muller was arrested in South Lake Tahoe in connection with a home invasion in Dublin, California. Although the Dublin home invasion was not in any way connected to the Huskins kidnapping, investigators with the FBI noted “similarities” between the two cases, and started focusing on Muller as a suspect.

Mathew Muller is a Harvard-educated lawyer who worked in California before he was disbarred. A partner in the immigration law firm where Muller worked for a year, ending in 2012, said that Muller was terminated from the firm but declined to say why, although he revealed that it was not for a criminal reason. Wilson Purves said that there was nothing about Muller that suggested he was capable of kidnapping and home invasion.

“Nothing extraordinary would make me feel that he could be accused of something like this. I don’t know what happened between then and now.”

In 2013, Muller was disbarred by the California State Bar for allegedly failing to cooperate into a complaint against him.

As of this post, police have made no other arrests besides Matthew Muller in the Denise Huskins kidnapping.

[Image courtesy of: KCRA]