November 10, 2019
Tyler Cameron Wishes Hannah Brown Well Heading Into 'People's Choice Awards' Battle

Tyler Cameron didn't walk away with Hannah Brown's final rose last spring on The Bachelorette, but it looks like he's still got her back. Many fans were hoping Hannah and Tyler could rekindle their romance after her engagement with Jed Wyatt ended. That didn't happen, but based on a recent tweet from Cameron, some people may still see a glimmer of hope for this possibility to come to fruition.

Hannah is up for a People's Choice Award at Sunday night's event and it looks like Tyler is rooting for her to win. As it happens, she is nominated alongside Tyler himself as well as former The Bachelor star Colton Underwood.

E! News details that there are eight reality television personalities nominated in this category, so it's possible that none of The Bachelorette veterans will even win. However, Tyler's tweet seems to signal that he'd be content seeing Hannah win over him.

On Saturday evening, The Bachelorette runner-up tweeted about how Alabama lost this weekend's big game. He noted that hopefully, Hannah would get it done on Sunday, joking that the state needs it.

As The Bachelorette fans will remember, Hannah is originally from Alabama. She attended the University of Alabama and makes no secret of still being a big fan of her alma mater.

It looks like Tyler's tweet referencing Hannah was a big hit among The Bachelorette fans. He didn't even tag her in the post, but his followers knew exactly who he was referring to and what he meant.

"So you know Bama fans need a win tomorrow? Tannah fans need it even more! Give the people what they want!" noted one of Tyler's followers, referencing "Tannah" as the couple's combined nickname.

"Hmmm maybe that flame is still there," replied another person on Twitter, adding a few questioning emoji faces to the end of the post.

"You and Hannah belong together... No matter what.... You will find a way back into each other again... I had these strong feelings about the two of you... That I can't explain... That it makes me happy and excited about the two of you...." wrote another The Bachelorette fan who is holding out hope for Tyler and Hannah to reunite.

Both Hannah and Tyler are reportedly attending Sunday night's event, although they aren't attending as a couple. The Bachelorette fans will probably be watching to see if there are any interactions between the two of them or any hints that they are spending time together in Los Angeles outside of the People's Choice Awards event itself.

Is the door permanently, solidly closed in terms of a romantic reunion between Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown? At least some The Bachelorette fans are still hoping there's a chance these two will try one more time. This isn't the first time in recent weeks that he's said sweet things to or about her on social media and fans cannot help but wonder whether the sparks may still fly.