Miley Cyrus And Stella Maxwell On Watch After Romantic Dates

Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell are a couple, according to the lifestyle site Female First. Although there’s been no official announcement, Maxwell posted a telling comment on her Instagram account, along with a photo of Miley and Stella together.

“Chillen W my lady @mileycyrus,” the 24-year-old model wrote on a photo showing the two riding dinosaur statues.

Chillen W my lady @mileycyrus

A photo posted by Stella! (@stellamaxwell) on

When Miley posted the same image, she wasn’t as outspoken as Stella about the love affair. Cyrus captioned it, “Bad a$$ day with a bad a$$ chick @stellamaxwell.” That’s enough for fans to believe in their love.

Twitter user Liron tweeted, “I think I’m starting to accept that Miley and Stella are [a] couple.”

Some commenters on Instagram pointed out that the Miley-Stella relationship hasn’t been officially confirmed, but others noted that the couple has been seen kissing several times. The two also previously enjoyed a casual date in Studio City, where they reportedly held hands and showed all the signs of being in love.

A source told the gossip site Perez Hilton that Miley and Stella were “whispering into each other’s ears, laughing, smiling, and genuinely having a good time together.” The source also said that they displayed super PDA and touched a lot.

“They could not keep their hands off of one another.”

It doesn’t end there! On Sunday, Miley and Stella went out for yet another “low key lunch,” and this time, Stella took the lead in affection.

On the way into the restaurant, Maxwell rested her hand on the small of Miley’s bare back as they made their way to a table. According to Extra TV, Miley and the Victoria’s Secret model were making no secret of their affection for one another.

The romantic dates come after a recent video of Stella and Miley making out on the set of Miley’s new music video, and seem to confirm that the make out session was more than a publicity stunt.

A source close to Stella came closest to officially confirming the new relationship but didn’t actually say they are a couple. The source told E! News that the two are “hanging out now and they really like one another.”

They’ve managed to keep the PDA more PG than before, but there’s no question that the like is real.

Miley and Stella kissing yesterday 👭👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💋

— Miley & Stella (@MileyStellaNews) July 12, 2015

The Miley and Stella watch is on! What do you think? Are they in a long term relationship, or is it just a crush?

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]