Adam Schefter: Was ‘Just Doing My Job’ By Tweeting Jason Pierre-Paul’s Medical Record

When Adam Schefter chose to share Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical records last week, it came with quite a bit of backlash. While Schefter was immediately made out to be the villain in this entire ordeal, he had no issue firing back and explaining his reasoning behind posting the tweet below.

When Schefter sat down for an interview with Sports Illustrated, he explained his point of view on the entire situation.

“This was a public figure and franchise player involved in a widely speculated accident with potential criminal behavior in which there was a cone of secrecy that surrounded him for five days that not even his own team could crack.”

Schefter continued with the interview, stating the fact that the injuries to Pierre-Paul’s hand were going to get out sooner than later.

“The extent of his injuries were going to come to light, maybe that day or later that week, but soon. They’re horrific injuries, incredibly unfortunate for the player. But in a day and age in which pictures and videos tell stories and confirm facts, in which sources and their motives are routinely questioned, and in which reporters strive to be as accurate as possible, this was the ultimate supporting proof.”

Now, throughout the entire ordeal, Schefter refused to reveal who gave him the report. One thing that Schefter did state was that he “never once requested a single image from anyone at any time; the images came to me.”

As for Schefter’s thoughts on releasing the news and producing the medical report, he told the Los Angeles Times that he was just doing his job.

Schefter stated, “In trying to be thorough and accurate, we delivered that news as soon as possible with the supporting proof if it happened. To me, that’s just doing my job.”

It’s a valid argument from Schefter, but it’s obvious why Pierre-Paul’s side would be thinking just the opposite.

It’s a pretty sticky situation across the board for Adam Schefter, but in reality, it seems that Schefter didn’t do anything except release the news he was given. Schefter did it in a way that left essentially no doubt as to whether or not his report was correct, which in turn, left Pierre-Paul’s camp simply having to watch it unfold.

The Los Angeles Times also reports that Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital is investigating how the report was released to Schefter. At this point, though, Schefter seems unlikely to give away the name of whoever passed along the report, which more than likely won’t change anytime soon.

[Image via Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald]