Wilmer Valderrama Gets Love From Demi Lovato For Helping Her ‘Learn To Love’ Her Curves

Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato are continuing to go strong, which isn’t much of a surprise. One thing that is great to see from Valderrama and Lovato is the type of impact that they are having on each other’s lives. According to a report from Just Jared Jr., Lovato posted the following to her Instagram, which is in turn giving a shout out to Wilmer Valderrama.


You can probably read between the lines and tell that the Instagram post above is about Valderrama. As you may have heard, this isn’t the first time that Lovato has had some incredible things to say about Valderrama.

As the Huffington Post reported, Lovato struggled with drug addiction, bulimia, cutting, and bipolar disorder. What really stood out about what Lovato said when it came to that situation was her praise for Valderrama. While Valderrama and Lovato have been on and off for around five years, the pop star credits Valderrama for helping her turn things around.

“He’ll never take credit for a lot of my sobriety and my recovery, but I guarantee it, I wouldn’t be alive without him today,” she told HuffPost Live.

Valderrama, who formerly starred on the popular That ’70s Show, has recently been playing a role on the TV series From Dusk Till Dawn. The best part of all? Lovato got to join up with Valderrama for a role in the show back in June.

Valderrama and Lovato seem to have put together a pretty incredible relationship to this point. While Valderrama is receiving quite a bit of credit from Lovato for her sobriety, both sides deserve their fair share, especially Lovato.

It’s always nice when a celebrity couple like Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato pop up in the news for something positive like this. We’re all interested to see what happens next in their relationship, but Valderrama and Lovato seem to make a great match.

[Image via Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Island Records]