Mia Khalifa: What The Future Holds For The Adult Film Star

Chanel Adams - Author

Dec. 15 2017, Updated 5:16 a.m. ET

Mia Khalifa grew to fame for her adult movies and her controversial tweets. The actress is popular,thanks in part to her girl next door looks and tomboy personality. It has gotten some guys to become gutsy and send direct messages to Mia on the popular social networking site. She also isn’t afraid to call out those guys who want to meet up with the star just so they can sleep with her.

Mia Khalifa was born in Beirut, Lebanon, which makes her of Lebanese heritage. Since she works as an adult film star, she is against everything that her conservative religious family believes in. Since Khalifa announced that she was an adult film star, her family disowned her.

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Mia started out working for a fast food restaurant after moving back to the U.S. in 2000. The University of Texas El Paso graduate student was asked if she would ever consider working in the adult entertainment industry. Mia also received death threats from conservative Muslim groups who claim she’s slamming their religion by entering the adult entertainment industry with the Lebanese national anthem tattooed on her body. Not only that, but she was seen performing sexual acts on camera while wearing traditional muslim headgear.

Nowadays, it seems like Mia Khalifa is known for the controversial and insensitive comments she makes on social media. She previously made headlines for making a transphobic joke about Caitlyn Jenner and for sharing her Amazon Wishlist, in hopes that her fans would buy her new lacrosse gear. Mia, who’s now 22, has been in the adult film industry for only a few years. Some of her fans have wondered what she’s going to do next. Is there life after porn?

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According to a previous report in The Master Herald, Khalifa’s career will come to a halt once a younger and cuter adult film star steals the spotlight away from her. The article noted that the life of adult film star stops when the star stops making movies and the money stops pouring in. Khalifa will no longer become the most searched young adult movie star on Pornhub or Google. For example, Asia Carrera focused on motherhood after making adult films.

Mia Khalifa stole the title from Lisa Ann, who retired from the adult film industry earlier this year. Maybe Mia should get back into the fast food industry and market the “Dausage,” which is a cross between a sausage and a doughnut. Mia has tweeted that she would help promote Liam Bennett’s specialty sausage.

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Bennett says that although he surprise to hear that an adult film star wants to promote his “dausages,” he’s willing to have Khalifa on board.

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“Among all the tweets about the dausage there was one being re-tweeted hundreds of times around the world. The next thing I knew this same girl who wrote the tweet had sent me a personal message basically saying that she wanted to get on board and help promote the dausage any way she could.”

“At this point I searched for her name online to find out who she was and it’s fair to say I had a bit of a shock. I was hoping to use Mia in some advertising campaign material but I think she had concerns when I mocked up a picture of her face covered in jam.”

“Anyway she has kindly agreed to use her worldwide following to promote the dausage as we approach our final Kickstart target. So we have her support.”

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Mia has Liam’s support as well. Apparently, his Kickstarter is already starting off with a bang, excuse the pun. Liam said that more products could also be on their way, including variations of the “Dalami” and “Black Dudding.”

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“The kickstart campaign is going well, we’re about 30% of the way there and hoping that it won’t take too long before we can start working on creating a machine to produce dausages on a mass scale.”

“The plan is to basically modify an existing sausage making machine and when we have the funding we’ll be ready to go.”

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The available flavors for the “dausage” are pork and beef with custard, vegetarian with Primula cheese, and venison with strawberry custard. What are your thoughts? Do you think Mia Khalifa should get into the “dausage” business? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.


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