Miss Nevada Trips Over Her Feet And Tongue — Tough Questions Stump Two Contestants [Videos]

Miss Oklahoma may have won the Miss USA title, but it’s the contestant from Nevada who’s getting a lot of attention today — and not for dignified reasons. The beauty queen tripped over both her feet and her tongue during the pageant, and she wasn’t the only one.

First, let’s give credit where it’s due — to the newly crowned Olivia Jordan, who performed admirably when asked a question plenty of scholars struggle to answer: What’s the next big issue in the U.S.? She appropriately answered race relations, the Associated Press reported.

Her answer was particularly timely given the backlash that has followed Donald Trump’s controversial and offensive comments about immigration, which sparked a veritable fiasco ahead of the pageant. But Jordan didn’t miss a beat.

“We have freedom of speech in this country, and immigration is certainly an important issue. This organization is not one person. It’s definitely not just me. It’s a family. This organization celebrates diversity, and I think that was clear on the stage tonight, and I look forward to spreading a message of love and diversity and acceptance.”

Enter poor Miss Nevada. She didn’t do quite so well.

According to Fox News, her question was a bit different but actually tackled the same topic. Miss Nevada, aka Brittany McGowan, was asked what the U.S. could do to improve race relations. Again, not an easy question, and one that has tripped up many people — but not in so public a fashion.

“What I would do to improve race relations in the U.S. is get more racist groups together and be able to be with each other in a non… ummm, let’s see. I apologize. I think what we need to do is bring… ahhh we need to be more accepting of each other and we need to bring people together.”

Don’t worry about it, Miss Nevada. Just smile and everything will be fine.

Except Miss Nevada also literally tripped that night, over her form-fitting silver gown this time, during the evening gown portion of the show, Hollywood Life added.

Then there’s the girl from Rhode Island, who tripped quite a bit herself and has diverted at least some of the attention of McGowan.

This poor girl had a hard time tackling a judge’s question about political correctness, referring to recent comments made by Jerry Seinfeld that our culture has gotten a bit too carried away with the concept. Is that “hurting or helping this country and why?” a judge asked, according to the New York Daily News.

Anea Garcia immediately asked for the question to be repeated. Then she plowed right into it and tripped up almost as soon as she started.

“I think that it’s a balance of both. We need the people to remind us — especially politicians — to remind us what to do and when to do wrong.”

Politicians reminding us what to do? Racists “getting together” to solve race issues? Perhaps politics isn’t the beauty queen’s forte. Though anyone would be tripped up by those questions, while bright spotlights burn your eyeballs.

It was likely even harder this year thanks to pageant co-owner Trump: Networks, presenters, and entertainers scattered like rats after the billionaire-turned-presidential hopeful slammed immigrants during his candidacy announcement. In an attempt perhaps to distance themselves from those comments, the competition highlighted the immigrant roots of some contestants.

Perhaps it was just too much pressure for Miss Nevada to handle. She’s not the first one to crack.

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]