Baby Piper Sees Parents Clearly For First Time – Her Reaction Is Priceless [Video]

Baby Piper’s parents started to notice her struggling to see clearly around the time she was learning to crawl and sought medical help, setting the stage for her first pair of glasses and this adorable video.

It’s difficult to diagnose sight problems for a very young child, but an infant can show that a solution is working in the cutest way possible.

As shown in the video above, Baby Piper didn’t like having glasses put on her at first, but once she gets them on and can see clearly for the first time in her life, the baby’s smile lights up.

According to CBS News, Piper’s mother, Jessica Sinclair took the 10-month-old baby to Dr. Josiah Young of Opticare Vision Centers after noticing problems. The optometrist was able to determine her eyes were healthy but farsighted. One eye was about +7.00 and the other is +9.00.

How do you run an eye test for a baby who can’t communicate?

According to Jessica Sinclair on Facebook, the doctor “dilated her eyes and used a scope to determine her refractive error in her prescription.”

Still, they won’t know if the prescription is 100 percent correct until Baby Piper learns her letters and numbers for an official eye test.

Regardless, the little girl got her pair of glasses, giving her a new view on the world and a face full of joy.

The video has already received over 19 million views on Facebook. Sinclair hopes it will raise awareness of infant eye issues.

Since babies don’t have well-developed eyesight until they are 1 to 2-years-old, telling the difference between normal vision and a real complication can be tricky for parents. When Jessica Sinclair started to suspect something, she added an eye screening to her regular pediatric checkup.

The American Optometric Association recommends for all babies between 6 and 12-months-old receive the same, even if the parents don’t believe there is a problem.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Baby Piper was not the only infant to melt the internet’s collective heart during their first time seeing clearly. Two-month-old Baby Louise received her own glasses and had an equally touching reaction. Doctors suspected her eye problems from birth because she suffered from a rare form albinism known for compromising eye health.

As for Baby Piper, who is now 11-months-old, the infant still struggles with the glasses, taking them off and chewing on them, according to ABC News, but she’s quickly getting used to the new accessory.

[Image via Facebook]