Janet Jackson Comeback Hit With Bad News As ‘No Sleeep’ Bombs

She is Janet Jackson, one of the most successful female artists in music history. But the latest news for Ms. Jackson is nasty. Showbiz411 reports on Janet’s chart comeback troubles.

“Janet Jackson’s new record company may be losing sleep over her first release for BMG Records. Her new single, ‘No Sleeep,’ got a lot of media attention when it was launched a couple of weeks ago. But so far, it’s not selling on iTunes and isn’t getting much radio play.”

Ms. Jackson’s “No Sleeep” debuted at No. 67 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 after being hyped more than any single so far in 2015. The next week, despite a major appearance at the BET Awards, the single dropped into oblivion. By contrast, other pop singers have been able to do better with recent singles. Madonna’s “B***h I’m Madonna,” despite being a third single from Rebel Heart, stayed on the Hot 100 for two weeks. Mariah Carey has even had more recent chart success than Michael’s little sister. What’s happening with Janet Jackson?

It’s possible that people still haven’t forgiven Janet Jackson for the 2004 Super Bowl fiasco, in which Justin Timberlake violently pulled off her top and exposed her breast. At the time, people thought that Janet Jackson was advertising sexual assault against women. However, others thought the controversy was ridiculous and even sexist, since Justin Timberlake seemed to get away with it while all fingers were pointed at Janet.

However, as other sources have indicated, it could be down to ageism against Janet Jackson. Women over 40 are having a hard time getting their songs played. Madonna, despite releasing what many people consider her best album in years, was allegedly banned from the U.K. Radio One airwaves simply for her age. At the time, BBC News quoted Madonna in speaking out about what she considered an injustice.

“I was like, ‘Wait a second. Shouldn’t it have to do with whether you wrote a good, catchy pop song?’ “

Of course, it could boil down to the factor that many people believe Jackson’s “No Sleeep” is simply a yawn of a song. While most critics liked the song, casual listeners on Twitter and different music forums felt differently. Perhaps it’s time for Janet Jackson to release something more upbeat.

Having the first single from a new release bomb usually means doom for an artist. However, at this stage of her career, Janet Jackson is more concerned about selling concert tickets. Even though she currently isn’t selling like she did in her prime, Janet has still managed to sell out shows in Chicago and Honolulu months before she plays them. Janet Jackson will always be an icon.

[Photo Credit: Billboard]