‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Teasers: Which Dancer Drops Out, Who Gets The Spot? [Spoilers]

The Season 12 Top 20 dancers for So You Think You Can Dance have been revealed, and the live performances begin Monday night. As viewers saw in the Green Mile show, however, one dancer has had to drop out of this season due to an injury. Viewers will find out during this week’s SYTYCD show, but there are some spoilers out already about who apparently was injured and who snagged a spot instead.

Though everybody was left hanging at the end of the last SYTYCD episode, online fans have seemingly figured out which injured dancer has had to drop out of Season 12. So You Think You Can Dance spoilers from the Idol Forums indicate that it is Team Street member Alain “Hurricane” Lauture who made the Top 20 and then had to give up his spot.

Since the show teased that there would be a change-up in the Top 20, fans have been speculating not only about who is departing, but who will be getting another chance this season. From the looks of things, Asaf Goren is getting another shot at becoming America’s favorite dancer. There was said to be a photo showing him with other dancers in a van heading to rehearsal shared via social media, but the photo was quickly deleted off of Instagram.

In addition to the buzz circulating, So You Think You Can Dance spoilers from MJ’s Big Blog also indicate that Goren takes the place of Lauture as the live shows begin. While Asaf stirred up some drama in his tiff with Nigel Lythgoe during the audition process, everybody could agree that he’s very talented and brings some originality to the stage. Will he be able to keep up with the choreography though?

The performances this season will take a different path than in previous seasons. The dances will not all be typical pairs, and rather than eliminations by gender, the cuts will be based on the teams. SYTYCD spoilers for Monday’s show tease that most of the dancers will get a chance to perform in this first live show in a piece that showcases their usual style, and there are some intriguing groupings from the sounds of things.

Some fans have wondered if Alain somehow managed to make it back to continue with the show, while others are certain that Asaf is indeed in the Top 20 with “Hurricane” dropping out. How will the dancers look in this first live show with the pieces put together by the choreographers? So You Think You Can Dance fans are quite anxious to get started with this next phase of the show and are hoping for big things from Team Street and Team Dance.

[Photo by Brooklin Rosenstock / Fox]