Shannon Beador & Husband Discuss Post-Affair Rules For Mistress?

Shannon Beador and her husband went through a difficult time while filming The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s 10th season. As fans have seen on the show, David cheated on Beador months before filming, and is now attempting to make amends with the mother of his three daughters.

In addition to attending couples counseling, and a couples retreat, Shannon Beador and her husband have reportedly set a major rule in place in regard to his mistress. According to a July 13 report by 2 Paragraphs, Shannon Beador does not want her husband anywhere near the woman he slept with behind her back — and who could blame her?

The site claimed David told Shannon Beador “numerous times, on his own,” that if he ever saw his mistress, “He will never speak to her again.”

According to a show clip, David recently hinted to Shannon Beador that he had already seen her in the months since their affair. However, as their conversation continued, with David calling the encounter “strange,” David confirmed it was not actually the woman he slept with, but rather an old friend.

“Did she stop you?” Shannon Beador asked.

“Yeah, it was strange,” David replied.

As Shannon Beador and her husband attempt to get their marriage back on track, fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County continue to wonder who it was that David slept with. At this point, his mistress remains unidentified, but as is with any public couple, a story revealing her identity could hit the web at any moment.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Shannon Beador opened up about her marriage in a blog entry last week. Speaking to her Bravo fans, Beador insisted her marriage was still very much intact — despite her husband’s infidelity.

“David and I have made a lot of positive progress up to this episode, but you hear me talk about a bump in that progress tonight. When infidelity happens over the course of months, it isn’t possible to know everything that happened during that time period. The end result, however, is what is most important. If I happen to realize a lie that was told to me during the affair, David affirms his love for me and I feel his remorse. That is communication. That is moving forward. That is love.”

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