Fox Concocts Fancy Version Of Duff Beer — But You Can Only Get It In Chile For Now

Ever wonder what Homer Simpson’s favorite beer, Duff, tastes like?

The cartoon beverage apparently has fruity notes and a “caramel aromatic.” And we know that because the beer is actually going to exist in real life, Fortune reported. Unfortunately, if you want a swig — or a six-pack — you’ll need a plane ticket to Chile.

That’s right, Chile, which seems to be the most random place to debut Duff Beer. Even odder, there are no immediate plans to release the fictional brew in the U.S., where it’s already sold exclusively in the Simpsons part of Universal theme parks in Orlando and L.A., the Wall Street Journal added.

Duff Beer is coming to South America first because brewers there have been concocting their own version for years, and it’s been pretty popular. Fox filed an intellectual property complaint to stop these operations, and Chilean police have seized thousands of bottles.

Brewers from all over the world have done the same, both to honor the show and turn a profit, and Fox has shut them down, too, the Independent added.

“Once you see enough piracy, you’re faced with two choices. One is deciding to fight it, and the other is deciding to go out [into the market] with it,” said Fox’s consumer products division head, Jeffrey Godsick.

Chilean professor Ariel Casarin in Santiago has a theory as to why, all of the sudden, Fox has decided to release their own: He argued that intellectual property laws, under which the company has filed suit, don’t actually apply to fictional products. So if Fox makes their own — voila, trademark applies.

Brewmasters have spent a lot of time getting the recipe perfect. The way Godsick described the result, it’ll be tasty and a little on the fancy side.

“It’s a premium lager. It’s got a very good balance of flavour and refreshment to it. It’s fairly deep golden in color.”

But some have pointed out that Duff Beer sounds a little too upper-crust, since the pretend alcohol isn’t actually known for being delicious or for snobbish types — quite the opposite, in fact. And perhaps for that reason, the Simpsons and its characters will have little to do with it, not even its biggest fan — Homer.

The label will simply look like a can of Duff Beer in the show, and won’t feature any of the characters’ yellow likeness. As Godsick said, it’s just inspired by the show, “but it begins and ends with that. It’s a completely stand-alone brand.”

Duff Beer will be available in Chile this week, and may come to shelves in the rest of South America and Europe early next. As for the U.S.? Maybe, maybe not, though Godsick said “there’s potential to have Duff everywhere in the world.”

[Photo Courtesy of Twitter]