‘The Bastard Executioner’ Preview Debuts: Kurt Sutter’s New Drama Tantalizes Fans

Sons of Anarchy fans have been anxious to get a sneak peek at Kurt Sutter’s new show, The Bastard Executioner, and the time has finally come. A short clip was shared over the weekend at Comic-Con, as well as during the season premiere of The Strain, and the clip definitely has potential viewers intrigued. What’s the scoop?

E! Online shared the Bastard Executioner spoiler sneak peek. It may be just 30 seconds long, but it gives a lot to sort through. Katey Sagal is in the new show, but she definitely features a very different look from her Sons of Anarchy character, Gemma. The new series also stars True Blood star Stephen Moyer, along with Snow White and the Huntsman star Sam Spruell. Relative newcomer Lee Jones takes on the lead role.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, the show is set in the early 14th century. The main character is a knight of King Edward I. The knight, Wilkin Brattle, pulls back from his warrior work when he finds himself feeling broken by it all. However, violence finds him, and he picks up his sword again for battles that are more brutal than ever before.

In addition to the core cast, there will be a number of additional faces in the mix. The Americans star Matthew Rhys will appear, as will Timothy V. Murphy, who portrayed Galan O’Shay on Sons of Anarchy. Show creator Kurt Sutter will play a small role in the series, much like he did in SOA. While he was hard to recognize at times as Otto Delaney in the prior FX series, it seems his new role as a mute will have him even more difficult to pick out.

The Bastard Executioner has been picked up for the fall. According to Deadline, the cast and crew are back in Wales doing some reshoots at the moment. Paris Barclay, who worked with Sutter on Sons of Anarchy and was also involved in the pilot for the new show, is reportedly back on the set in Wales now, as well.

Season 1 of the new series will reportedly premiere on FX in September, and the first season order consists of 10 episodes. Though the setting and premise are significantly different from what Sutter did on Sons of Anarchy, and prior shows, there seem to be similarities. This show will be bloody and violent, though of course, fans would expect nothing less.

Will SOA fans tune in to support this new effort and get hooked just like they were with Kurt Sutter’s prior show? Those anxious to tune in to The Bastard Executioner now have a bit of footage to embrace while they stay tuned and wait for an exact premiere date for this coming fall.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]