Duke Williams Direct Messages Mia Khalifa, Adult Film Star Shares Exchange, Buffalo Bills Star Presumably Embarrassed

Poor Duke Williams. All the Buffalo Bills player wanted to do was meet up with Mia Khalifa. But now the adult film star has shared his messages to the world, and one can only assume that Williams is extremely embarrassed.

Well, maybe not embarrassed, because in the grand scheme of the internet, Duke Williams’ five messages over the course of the last few months to the adult film star is far from prolific. But let’s hope that he’s at least learnt a valuable lesson from this plight.

Khalifa took to her Twitter page on Sunday to share the messages she’s received from Williams with the world. She also warned that any other individual who replicates his actions will be in for the same treatment.

This isn’t the first time that Mia Khalifa has accused a celebrity of harassing her. Back in January, the adult film star suggested that Drake had been in contact with her about possibly meeting up.

She told CBS Miami, via Hollywood Life, that a celebrity whose name rhymed with “rake” once messaged her on Instagram. She added, “On Instagram, but, nevertheless, it was flattering, but, um, his intentions were obviously clear. It was so cringe worthy, the whole thing was cringe worthy.”

Mia Khalifa is the most searched for adult star on PornHub, and her increasingly popular status has turned her into a rather big celebrity. She also has also found herself embroiled in a number of Twitter spats because of her various online posts. Just last month, she was accused of transphobia because of an Instagram “joke” that was directed towards Caitlyn Jenner.

Meanwhile, 24-year-old Duke Williams is currently a safety for the Buffalo Bills, having honed his craft playing college football at Nevada.

[Images via RantSports / Listal]