‘Mythbuster’ Adam Savage And Astronaut Chris Hadfield Went Incognito At Comic-Con With Awesome Outfits

As one half of (arguably) the most intelligent television presenters in the U.S., you’d expect Mythbusters’ Adam Savage to devise a rather ingenious outfit for Comic Con. And he created something rather special for this year’s hugely popular event in San Diego last weekend, while also roping in bona-fide astronaut Chris Hadfield for the fun, too.

Adam Savage wore a replica of one of the space suits from Stanley Kubrick’s seminal sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. Then he then walked around San Diego’s Comic-Con International with his face completely covered for around two hours, all while avoiding the cavalcade of his fans that were obliviously walking past him.

In order to make his outfit that little bit more genuine, Savage decided to ask Chris Hadfield to join him on his expedition through SDCC. You can check out some pictures of the duo preparing to get into their costumes and then walking around SDCC below.

In the past, Adam Savage has worn a replica space-suit from Alien, but he admitted that this replica suit had been in his mind for quite a while now. In fact, he’s been working on it for five years.

Savage admitted to EW that he thought Comic-Con visitors would immediately know it was him if he walked through the corridors and halls of the event wearing the suit on his own. That’s why he decided to ask Hadfield, the first Canadian to ever venture into space, to join him.

You can check out a video of Adam Savage’s Comic-Con adventure below. The entire 15 minute piece is certainly worth your time, but if you just want to see the pair at Comic Con, then move ahead to the 9:30 mark.

[Image via Discovery Channel]