‘Married To Medicine’ Star Toya Speaks Out On Lisa’s Marriage And Cheating Rumors

Mary Jane

Married To Medicine is back with a very dramatic season. Many of the doctors and wives are back, but some of them have brand new secrets.

Lisa Nicole was on the previous season of the show, but her marital issues were not in the spotlight. But this season, her husband has been called out for cheating several times thanks to comments made on the previous season of Married To Medicine.

And it sounds like many of her Married To Medicine co-stars are questioning whether Lisa's husband Darren is indeed being completely honest about his actions. On last night's episode of Married To Medicine, things got heated and Toya Bush Harris is now coming to her defense.

According to a new Bravo report, Married To Medicine star Toya Bush Harris is now speaking out about the drama that is going down with her co-star, Lisa Nicole. Lisa is trying to prove that her marriage is strong, even though her husband has been caught cheating. Even though she knows that his affairs are being shared on Married To Medicine, she is fighting to keep her head up.

"As much as we love our husbands, sometimes we only get a piece of the truth. I am not saying that Lisa should believe the streets, but have a conversation with your husband before you start popping off on others. We know it's very easy for men and women to give a small portion of the truth as opposed to the whole truth," Toya points out, revealing that she does think that Lisa should be concerned, even if the full story isn't shared on Married To Medicine.

Of course, the cheating accusations started when Darren revealed that he had cheated on her three times. According to the Inquisitr, this story has caused Lisa some heartache and she got into a physical altercation with another Married To Medicine co-star, causing a producer to step in.

"The night we left Cheetah, I called Lisa and we had a heart-to-heart. I am always going to give it to my friends straight with no chaser, so I told her that I thought she was still hurt from her husband's infidelities and displacing her anger towards Jill," Married To Medicine star Toya reveals.

What do you think of this season of Married To Medicine? Do you think Lisa Nicole should divorce her husband over cheating on her so much?

[Image via Bravo]