Wife In Desert Prepared To Die: 68-Year-Old Woman Prepared To Die After Wrong Turn

A wife stranded in the desert prepared to die next to her husband, who had taken a wrong turn while traveling to a casino in Southern California earlier this year. According to the Huffington Post, Dianna Bedwell, 68, told her husband, Cecil “Paul” Knutson, 79, that she forgave him for going the wrong way, and that she was prepared to die next to him if they weren’t found.

The husband and wife were from Fullerton, and were heading out to meet family members for a Mother’s Day dinner, when Knutson took a turn down the wrong road, apparently looking for a shortcut. The couple’s car ended up getting stuck on a rock when Knutson tried to turn around, and so there they were. A husband and a wife, in the middle of nowhere, together — and yet very alone.

Realizing that it would be very hard to be found, the devoted wife told her husband that she would be okay if this is how their lives ended.

“I told him, ‘Honey, we all make mistakes. We all make wrong choices.’ That’s all that was. We had 29 wonderful years together. If we make it out, fine. If we don’t make it out, fine.”

After about a week, Knutson ended up passing away. An autopsy showed that he suffered a heart attack, but his wife said that he died peacefully — something she was grateful for.

“He just went to sleep,” she explained. “I thank God for that. There was no pain, no anger,” she added.

The wife in the desert prepared to die after accepting what she thought was her fate. Although the couple’s son, Robert Acosta, called authorities when his parents didn’t arrive at the casino, police were unable to find the couple’s vehicle, which was located under some large trees in a very remote area.

Several days after Knutson passed away, a group of off-roaders located the vehicle, and found Bedwell still alive inside.

According to ABC News, a memorial service for Knutson was held on July 10. His wife spoke at the service, and said that she believes her husband sent “angels” to rescue her after he passed away.

Bedwell is very lucky to have survived, as she did whatever she could to keep herself hydrated.

“The two, both diabetics, survived on rainwater, a butter cream pie and 8 pounds of oranges. Knutson used a cane and walker to get around outside the car, but eventually neither of them could walk.”

Back in May, the husband and wife were reported missing in the desert. And while the wife was preparing to die, thousands of people were left wondering what happened to this couple, who just disappeared on their way to dinner. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was some additional concern surrounding this case because Bedwell’s sister, Sylvia Likens, was murdered in 1965.

Police concluded that this husband and wife story was not in connection to Likens’ case.

[Photo via ABC News video]