WWE Rumors: Spoilers For Major Angle Expected On ‘RAW’ Tonight Involving Two NXT Stars Being Called Up

The rumors are huge for tonight’s Monday Night RAW, and it appears that a major angle is going to take place in WWE. Two NXT stars are not only expected to debut at RAW in Atlanta tonight, but also be a part of something huge. It looks as if Sasha Banks and Charlotte are being called up to the main roster and taking over the Divas’ division.

For months now, the Bella Twins have owned control of women’s wrestling in WWE, as Nikki Bella has the title and Brie goes right along with her. After their split was written off without explanation, they have ruled the ring.

Nikki Bella has defeated virtually every Diva on the main roster and keeps holding the title, as it’s gone over 300 days. Now, Alicia Fox has taken on the attitude that she should side with the champ, and Team Bella is three-strong.

According to WrestleZone, Paige may be bringing in Charlotte and Sasha Banks to help her battle Team Bella. This could be why there has been no Divas match announced for WWE Battleground, yet as it could end up being a six-woman tag match.

If Banks and Charlotte do debut on RAW this evening, it would give them time to build things a little more at tomorrow night’s SmackDown tapings, too. From there, a match could be set up for Sunday’s Pay-Per-View.

This major angle could lead to something even bigger if Bayley and Becky Lynch are soon brought to the WWE main roster, too. If they are, then there could be a reunion of the Four Horsewomen, who have ruled NXT for a long time.

wwe next four horsewomen

Rumors of a an NXT women’s “invasion” angle to the main WWE roster have been going around for a while now. If Charlotte and Sasha Banks do debut on RAW tonight, it opens the door for the other members of the Four Horsewomen to join them.

Sasha Banks is the current NXT Women’s Champion, but as we’ve seen with Kevin Owens, that shouldn’t stop her from being on WWE’s main roster. Banks would be able to do both for a while and advanced NXT tapings help free up her time even more.

There is no confirmation that Charlotte and Sasha Banks will be on Monday Night RAW this evening for a major angle, but all signs and rumors point to it happening. The Divas’ division is about to get a lot more interesting and intense.

[Image via WWE]