Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Dez Bryant Tells Team He Wants A Long-Term Deal Or He Sits Out Training Camp And Games – What Receiver Can The Cowboys Sign?

Wide receiver Dez Bryant may not be having money troubles, as the Dallas Cowboys seemed to think, and it also appears as if he isn’t bluffing about holding out. With only a couple of days remaining until the deadline for franchise-tagged players to sign, Bryant has told the team once again that he is willing to hold out and miss training camp as well as regular season games if he doesn’t get a long-term deal.

According to ESPN, Bryant has personally informed Stephen Jones, vice president of the Dallas Cowboys, that unless he has a long-term deal in place before Wednesday’s deadline, he will not attend training camp and will sit out regular-season games, too.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, discussions were put on hold, as things seemed to be going well, or the Cowboys thought Bryant was bluffing about a holdout. It appears that wasn’t the case, and now, the wide receiver is making sure the team knows he is serious.

Bryant let Jones know that he understands the franchise tag situation and that he actually wants to spend his entire career with the Cowboys. The receiver also wanted Jones to know that he has proven himself over the past five years and he needs to be paid as a top talent.

The franchise tag offer for Bryant is one that would pay him $12.8 million for the 2015 season.

He is not the only player with a franchise tag that has yet to sign the offer, though. With Wednesday’s deadline approaching, there are three other players who still are sitting unsigned.

  • DE Jason Pierre-Paul – New York Giants
  • WR Demarryius Thomas – Denver Broncos
  • LB Justin Houston – Kansas City Chiefs

Dez Bryant not only led the Dallas Cowboys with 16 touchdown receptions last season, but he led the entire NFL. He helped guide them to a 12-4 record and the NFC East title with a berth in the playoffs.

There can be no fine levied on Bryant for missing training camp, but he will lose money for each game he misses. Per his franchise tag tender, Bryant would lose $752,000 per each missed regular season game.

The team would easily be without their best offensive player if Bryant decides to hold out and miss any games. It is possible the Cowboys could go the route of signing a veteran wide receiver to help in Bryant’s absence.

Receivers such as Wes Welker, James Jones, and Reggie Wayne are still sitting around as free agents waiting for a call. If the Cowboys wait too long, injuries may occur, and other times could sign these players before they get the chance.

Dez Bryant‘s threat of a holdout is no joke, and he is not hurting for money if he’s willing to miss almost a million dollar paycheck per game. Rumors had the Dallas Cowboys thinking his threats were empty, but with just two days left to go, they may start taking him seriously now.

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