‘Fear The Walking Dead’ First Full Length Trailer Premiered At Comic-Con, ‘Very Different’ From ‘The Walking Dead’ [Watch]

The first look at AMC’s newest zombie drama, Fear the Walking Dead, was revealed to fans at Comic-Con in San Diego on Friday. Fans at the event were treated to a three minute trailer that revealed a little more about what fans can expect to see when the new series premieres later this summer, according to MTV.

Although Fear the Walking Dead is considered a sort of spin-off series to AMC’s original zombie drama, The Walking Dead, the two shows really don’t share much in common outside of the zombie outbreak. While The Walking Dead follows Rick Grimes and his group of followers as they attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse in the south and eastern parts of the country, the new series follows an entirely new group of individuals who live on the West Coast.

With an entire new cast and setting to draw from, the trailer released at Comic-Con really highlights the differences between the two series. The trailer shows the new group facing down the initial zombie outbreak within the sprawling city of Los Angeles. This contrasts greatly with the events in The Walking Dead, which features the cast roaming throughout the heavily wooded areas around Atlanta, Georgia.

Further, another difference is that the new series isn’t based on any source material outside of the show. This is one aspect of The Walking Dead that made it appealing, as the show already had a following with fans who read the comics, and it also gave the show a direction to take in each season. With Fear the Walking Dead not based on anything written in the past, it’s unclear how long it will run and where the story will go.

Meanwhile, with the show not crossing over with The Walking Dead in any way, at least as far as it is known at the moment, it might be hard for the show to stray away from the conventional zombie themes that have been explored over the years.

However, despite these differences and questions that remain with the new series, many fans of The Walking Dead are sure to tune in, especially considering that Robert Kirkman is guiding the new series. Perhaps as Fear the Walking Dead progresses in its own timeline, the two groups will eventually meet and give fans the true spin-off series they desire.

Until then, fans can get all their zombie fix in when Fear the Walking Dead premieres on August 23, 2015, on AMC.

Check out the first full-length trailer below.

[Image Courtesy: AMC]