Pippa Middleton: Wimbledon Herrera Edgy Style Sizzles As Kate’s Sister Talks 1st Marathon & Low-Carb Diet [Video]

Pippa Middleton recently attended Wimbledon in a Herrera outfit that revealed why Duchess Kate’s sister has become one of the most closely watched fashionistas in Europe. Pippa recently has shifted from soft florals to a more edgy look that includes a dramatically different hairstyle.

But Middleton has no desire to stay with just one designer. She earned more attention than those playing on the Wimbledon courts by going from Herrera to Tory Burch, reported People.

During the match between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, Pippa chose a seahorse-themed frock that featured a slim belt to highlight her narrow waist. The 31-year-old Middleton sister cheered as Djokovic slammed his way to his ninth grand slam and third Wimbledon title.

As for her Carolina Herrera outfit, Pippa went with a more severely patterned look, then softened it with girly braids.

Middleton doesn’t just watch sporting events, however. Pippa recently completed her first full marathon, which she accomplished in Kenya for Tusk Trust’s Safaricom Marathon, reported Hello.

“I decided that a marathon was a ‘life box’ that needed ticking and this year was my time – despite it being one of the toughest in the world, with temperatures rising to more than 30ºC, at an altitude of 5,550ft and with the possibility of bumping into lions or rhinos,” revealed Middleton.

“I’d read stories about Tusk Trust’s Safaricom Marathon and seen the pictures and felt that my debut simply had to be running through the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, through the raw beauty of the savannah plains and alongside the majestic animals.”

After enhancing her athletic body through working out even more vigorously than before, Pippa used her training to power through the race. She was in 30th place, with a time of three hours, 56 minutes.

“It was tough – tougher than anything I’d been faced with before and required every inch of my energy, stamina and stubbornness,” admitted Middleton.

In addition to running, Pippa does strength-training and follows a low-carb diet, reported Us Weekly.

“I do believe in making healthy choices — keeping refined carbs such as white bread and pasta to a minimum, and sticking to sensible portion sizes,” revealed Middleton. “I know that if I fit in at least three, ideally five, sessions of exercise a week, be it a 30-minute run, an hour’s walk or a good game of tennis, it boosts my mood and energy, and helps me sleep and digest better. So I make it a priority, whatever the weather or my work schedule.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Pippa also has helped her sister, Duchess Kate, restore her pre-baby body by providing her with organic juices.

[Photo by Shaun Botterill / Getty Images]