San Diego Comic Con Shares New Costumes And More For ‘Arrow’ Season Four

Arrow fans were treated to a surprise at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, when the cast members shared a new costume for Oliver Queen. There have been many questions over whether he will get his green hood back, after the events during the end of season three. However, that was not all revealed for season four of the CW show.

For those who missed Comic Con, Zap2It confirms that Arrow fans will be treated to the green costume again. Oliver will no longer be dressed as a League of Assassins member, and will get the green leather in a different style. It will look more armor like, possibly offering a little more protection compared to the original costume. The costume was designed by Maya Mani, who has also designed the costumes for Speedy, Black Canary, and more on the show.

It also looks like Diggle will get his own costume. David Ramsey confirmed that his character will at least get a helmet, helping to protect his identity. The actor also jokingly gave his character an alias of the “Black Driver.” However, Paul Blackthorne, who plays Detective Lance, will not be a full superhero, but here is still time.

There are still questions over where the new costumes will come from in the show. Arrow cast members hinted that STAR labs could create them, especially the extra protection for Oliver Queen. Time will tell whether any of that happens in season four.

Fans have also wanted to know whether Oliver and Felicity will stay together, but it does not look like they have the best chance. Stephen Amell confirmed that Oliver will start to get restless, and that could put a strain on their relationship. However, Felicity will do less crying, if Emily Bett Rickards has anything to say about it. She was annoyed at the amount of crying her character did during season three.

For those who are interested in another Arrow spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow, the CW announced that it will come as a mid-season show. According to Deadline, the first episodes of both Arrow and The Flash will set the groundwork for the new show. Hawkman will appear on Legends of Tomorrow, with Hawkgirl likely making an appearance at some point. There is still no confirmation date for the TV show’s premiere or a timeslot given. All that is known is the Arrow spin-off will come along some time during the main shows’ winter hiatuses.

[Photo by Handout/Getty Images]