‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Engagement Over? Jealousy Causes Rumored Split With Final Pick

Did Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe already split with her final pick? Rumors that the engagement is over two weeks before the season finale has fans wondering if Kaitlyn made the right choice at the final rose ceremony.

[Spoilers ahead]

Reality Steve‘s spoilers first pointed to Kaitlyn walking away from the final rose ceremony single, but after Kaitlyn shared a Snapchat video that showed her in bed with Shawn Booth, he confirmed that the Bachelorette turned down Nick’s proposal and got engaged to Shawn.

With the 30-year-old dance instructor all but confirming who her final pick is by releasing the video, and telling fans during a live Yahoo! chat that she is happy with her decision, it became clear that the revised spoilers may be true — Kaitlyn said “yes” and accepted a $100,000 Neil Lane engagement ring from Booth.

However, there is speculation that the couple may not last past the After the Final Rose special, with new rumors cropping up that Shawn can’t handle watching Kaitlyn’s on-screen romance with the other guys — especially Nick. He was stressed out throughout the season, and now it seems that his jealousy may put an end to their engagement.

According Celeb Dirty Laundry, a source close to the couple states that Kaitlyn tried to patch things up with Shawn by telling him that the one-on-one date sex that she had with Nick was staged. However, it’s doubtful Shawn (or fans) will believe that — she told him straight out on Week 8 that she slept with Nick. Even if it was a set-up, she consented to it.

If their relationship is going to last, Shawn will have to get over his insecurities that were on full display this season. That may be easier said than done, with CDL‘s source stating that the couple has been “fighting like cats and dogs” and he doesn’t “trust her at all.”

“He feels like their whole relationship was built on a lie. And, the fact that Kaitlyn doesn’t think that she did anything wrong is only making matters worse.”

Even Reality Steve has his doubts about how long their love story will last. In a recent post, he was asked how long he thought Kaitlyn and Shawn would last, and if a wedding was in their future.

Although he didn’t rattle off a list of reasons why things won’t work out, like he did with Chris and Whitney, his simple response confirmed what many fans are thinking: “Not very.”

The Bachelor franchise’s track record is not good when it comes to couples finding to everlasting love. However, there is always a chance that Kaitlyn and Shawn will prove the rumors wrong. If he can get past the Nick drama, they could end up being one of the show’s few successful relationships.

Do you think Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe’s relationship with Shawn Booth will continue after the show ends?

[Image: ABC]