Foo Fighters Fan’s Wish Granted: Dave Grohl Pulls Fan On Stage To Jam With The Band For His Birthday

Dave Grohl continues to be the nicest man in rock ‘n’ roll, and he shows his appreciation to fans in the best way possible. On Thursday night, Foo Fighters played a concert in Toronto and frontman Dave Grohl made a lucky fan’s wish come true by inviting him on stage. But it doesn’t stop there. The fan was able to play drums with the Foo Fighters!

According to Vanyaland, Anthony Bifolchi, 18, attended the Foo Fighters Toronto concert and held up a sign that read, “It’s My Birthday Can I Play Drums?” The sign apparently caught Dave’s attention, and he obliged, but not before giving the fan a warning.

“If you suck on the drums, I will personally tar and feather your a** backstage. Get up there, right now! I sure hope this m*********er doesn’t suck.”

Dave asked if Bifolchi knew any Foo Fighters songs. Bifolchi answered that he would like to play “Best of You,” but Dave said that that was their final song for the night.

“You ain’t playing that f*****g song, that’s the last one we’re going to play tonight.”

“We got a song called ‘Big Me,’ do you know that song? It’s the easiest one, if you f**k this one up you’re going to look like a total f*****g a****le. Ready?”

You can watch the entire video below.

WARNING: Strong language.

Bifolchi played the drums on the Foo Fighters’ song “Big Me,” and he did a pretty good job. Playing with a band you love on stage is a pretty sweet birthday treat.

This isn’t the first time the Foo Fighters made a fan happy. In June, as UPROXX reported, Dave Grohl spotted an 8-year-old Foo Fighters fan in the crowd during a concert and made him come up on stage to sing with the band.

“You’re 8-years-old and you know Foo Fighters lyrics? I like you.”

“You want to come onstage? Come on m*********er. You better bring your Dad with you. Oh yeah, bring your mama. I’m not taking care of you, that’s for g*****n sure.”

You can see the fan-shot video below.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Dave Grohl’s dedication to his music and his fans is evident. A few weeks ago, the Foo Fighters frontman broke his leg, but that didn’t stop him from playing concerts. He now performs with a cast while sitting on a throne, complete with guitars, amps, and lights. More on that story here.

[Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images]