Who Is Nikki Ferrell’s New Boyfriend? ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo’s Ex Looks Happier Than Ever

Bachelor Juan Pablo’s relationship with Nikki Ferrell was destined for failure when he declared he “liked” her at the season 18 final rose ceremony.

After months of speculation, Nikki told Life & Style that they split shortly after her birthday in October, 2014, stating that the distance between them didn’t work — they both were not willing to “make the sacrifices or compromises” necessary for a successful relationship.

It turns out that their breakup was a good thing. According to WetPaint, Nikki is now in a relationship with a guy who she was friends with for years prior to dating. Best part? She didn’t meet him on TV.

Nikki’s Instagram is filled with adorable photos of the nurse and her boyfriend, Tyler Vanloo. They reportedly met several years ago, before Nikki went on the Bachelor. They were friends then, with photos dating back at least three years.

More recently, the photos have changed from fun to a bit more romantic — and they show all the signs of being a couple who are in love.

(Insert cheesy happiness quote here)

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While it looks like Nikki’s new guy is a great catch, she has dated some duds in the past. Between Bachelor Juan Pablo and her previous boyfriend, Ryan McDill, it looks like her boyfriend-picking skills are a lot better these days.

Fans of the Bachelorette may remember Ryan McDill as the drunk contestant who appeared on the first episode of the current season. Kaitlyn Bristowe didn’t get a chance to know Ryan, but chances are he wouldn’t have gone far anyway.

When McDill was cast for the show, Nikki suddenly closed down her Twitter, opening it again after he was booted off. The sloppy-drunk contestant got a one-way ticket back to Kansas City after he got mouthy with another cast member, Shawn Evans, and made a fool of himself in the Bachelor mansion pool.

It’s not clear how long Nikki and her new boyfriend, Tyler, have been dating, but it seems they made it official just a few weeks ago. Several months ago Nikki posted a collage on Instagram, wishing Tyler a happy birthday.


The photos included some cute shots of them as a couple, but their relationship became much clearer when she used the hashtag #girlfriendproblems in a photo posted in late June. Her “problems” didn’t seem so bad — Tyler was on his phone and she was smiling. Perhaps he was making dinner reservations?


Are you happy to see Nikki Ferrell in a off-camera relationship? She truly looks happy without McDill or the guy dubbed the worst Bachelor in history, Juan Pablo Galavis.

[Image: ABC]