Crazy Video Shows Car Driving Backwards Down Busy LA Boulevard For Two Miles [Video]

A driver captured the frightening moment that a car was swerving recklessly down a Los Angeles in reverse for nearly two miles. The driver of the vehicle went backwards into the oncoming traffic as the witness filmed the incident on a cell phone camera.

The dramatic cell phone footage was uploaded by CBS News that shows the reckless driver backing down the busy boulevard, at one point almost hitting a pedestrian. The vehicle somehow managed to stay in reverse despite going around windy curves on the street with traffic all around. After swerving over the yellow lines numerous times, it is amazing that the driver did not cause an accident on the busy street. Fortunately, when the driver came to the intersection at Sunset Boulevard, he was able to get into the left turn lane and proceed on in a forward direction.

LAPD Sgt. Tito Mariano was shown the video which he says could result in numerous charges against the reckless driver.

“Reckless driving, unsafe speed, crossing double-yellow lines, failure to drive on the right half of the roadway. Given the numerous close calls, police say it’s incredible no one was hurt. Imagine if it was you or your family member driving and being struck by someone doing something irresponsible.”

What do you think about the crazy video? What would you do if you saw a car driving like this down a busy street? Should the person filming the incident have called police instead of capturing the video, or are videos needed in instances like this to ensure prosecution against the driver?

[Image Credit: CBS Video]