‘Family Guy’ Trailer Unveiled At Comic-Con Includes ‘Archer’ Reference, New Griffin Family Member Revealed [Video]

The Family Guy season 14 trailer was unveiled at Comic-Con, and it contains an Archer reference! Unfortunately, Peter Griffin isn’t facing off against Pam Poovey in a cocaine frozen yogurt eating contest (because that’s how you get really amped-up ants).

Entertainment Weekly recently shared the Family Guy trailer on its website, and it’s packed with pop culture references. H. Jon Benjamin, the man behind Sterling Archer’s chiseled face, happens to voice Family Guy character Carl, the manager of a Quahog convenience store. It looks like Carl will pursue a career in comedy, and he’ll be trying to specialize in impressions. In the video below, he does his best imitation of Sterling Archer from FX’s Archer and Bob Belcher from FOX’s Bob’s Burgers. Carl shares Archer’s love of alcohol and Bob’s love of dingy white T-shirts, and he also happens to share both characters’ voices.

Carl cracks a joke about Bob and Sterling meeting, and their worlds actually have collided before. During season 4 of Archer, the secret agent got amnesia and took Bob Belcher’s place by rocking a sweet ‘stache, marrying Linda Belcher, and serving Thomas Elphinstone Hambledurgers with Manning Coleslaw at the Bob’s Burgers restaurant. Viewers never found out what happened to the real Bob.

As you can see, Family Guy will also take on The Shawshank Redemption, which is a timely pop culture reference in the wake of the New York prison escape that recently captivated the nation. In the clip, Peter Griffin asks Tim Robbins a very good question about that Rita Hayworth poster. Cleveland Brown also tries to steal Quagmire’s catchphrase, Joe ends up in jail, and Moses reveals the 11th Commandment. Sadly, there are no Star Wars references.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Family Guy fans will get to meet a new member of the Griffin family this season. Saturday Night Live actress Kate McKinnon has been cast as Peter Griffin’s sister, a professional wrestler who calls herself “Heavy Flow” (she sounds more like Pam Poovey’s long-lost sisters). Viewers will also discover that Quagmire was once the star of a Korean soap opera, Joe Swanson will sing a silly song about himself, and one episode will take place entirely inside one of Stewie Griffin’s nightmares. Other guest voices for season 14 include Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Ed O’Neill, and Glenn Close.

The new season of Family Guy premieres Sunday, September 27 at 9 p.m. on FOX. Would you like to see a real Family Guy/Bob’s Burger crossover someday?

[Image credit: FOX]