Jennifer Garner Portrays Inspirational Message In 'Miracles From Heaven' [Video]

Miracles From Heaven, starring Jennifer Garner, is an inspirational movie about a little girl with a painful illness who takes a 30 foot fall, goes to Heaven, and meets Jesus. Miracles From Heaven is based on a true story.

Christy Beam, author and mother of aforementioned little girl, Annabel, tells the story of their difficult journey in her newly released book Miracles From Heaven:A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven,and Her Amazing Story of Healing.

Prior to the fall, Annabel suffered from pseudo-obstruction motility disorder and antral hypomotility disorder, the Christian Post reports. Diagnosed at the young age of five, she suffered from the painful disease until the age of nine, when she fell into a hollowed out tree. Annabel had this to say about her miracles from Heaven.

"I remember it was really bright and I saw my Mimi (grandmother) who had died a couple of years back, and that's how I knew that I was in Heaven. And I asked Jesus if I could stay and He said: 'No Annabel, I have plans for you on Earth that you cannot fulfill in Heaven.' Then he said whenever the firefighters get you out there will be nothing wrong with you.

"... We believe that I was healed in the tree. I'm completely healthy [now] and I can eat whatever I want. I want people to realize that no matter how bad things get, don't ever lose that faith because He has a plan … you have to stay faithful and have hope because those are the things that will get you through whatever you're going through, no matter what it is."

Christy says that faith got them through the ordeal, and their faith remains strong today. They believe Annabel visited Heaven and received healing miracles there.
"We stood very solid and very firm in our faith before we knew Annabel was healed... and we continue to be faithful today. I feel like that is the only way we've made it through the whole thing. I feel like just hope, knowing that God is faithful, and knowing that I can look back and see every single act of faithfulness in a concrete way of God's activity in our lives. And I can count those things and see that is evidence that God is faithful, and then I can also use that to empower me to act in faith back to Him."
Miracles From Heaven is available at several retail outlets as well as online. For more information or to order the book, visit Christy Beam's website.

Filming for the film version of Miracles From Heaven has already begun. The production crew behind another highly inspirational movie, Heaven Is For Real, will come together again to work on Miracles From Heaven.

Miracles From Heaven promises to be a highly emotional yet uplifting book turned movie.

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