UFC Releases 15 Fighters – The Unfortunate Include Ryan Jimmo, Hatsu Hioki, And Brian Ebersole

UFC, like any other MMA promotions, does its best to bring in the best MMA talent to stay competitive against other promotions like Bellator MMA or ONE Championship. However, there are only so many slots available in UFC and when they want new blood to come in, they usually have to kick someone out. Accolades, seasoning, and popularity aren’t fail safes either as Shayna Baszler, Kimbo Slice, and even Ken Shamrock have found out.

Now, the UFC have gone through their annual spring cleaning of fighters not benefiting the promotion. It is reported 15 fighters have been confirmed released from the promotion, including Ryan Jimmo, Hatsu Hioki, and Brian Ebersole.

It is unfortunate 15 fighters lost their means of supporting themselves or their families, but such is business in any sport. In MMA, however, fighters are usually put on the chopping block for numerous losses or speaking out against the status quo. For Ryan Jimmo and Hatsu Hioki, that seems be the case. According to MMA Junkie, Jimmo was let go because his win-loss record wasn’t consistent after his debut. Jimmo was also open in his disdain towards certain UFC operations, including their sponsorship deal with Reebok. Hioki was let go because he lost five of his six last fights.

Ryan Ebersole was let go on more favorable circumstances. After he lost to Omari Akhmedov via TKO at UFC Fight Night 68, Ebersole announced his retirement. As a result, his contract was terminated.

411MANIA primarily reported the full list of fighters. With the three aforementioned above, they are Lisa Ellis, Jessica Rakoczy, Zhang Lipeng, Luiz Dutra, Josh Sampo, Justin Edwards, Wendell Oliveira, Nolan Ticman, Dhiego Lima, Andrew Todhunter, Bently Syler, and Robbie Peralta. Out of the list though, it is peculiar that Peralta was released because he actually had a winning record. No news was reported on why he was included.

[Image via Ryan Jimmo’s Personal Facebook Page]