Nick Viall Rumored Next ‘Bachelor,’ Ben Higgins No Longer Considered? [Spoilers]

Will Nick Viall be the next Bachelor, or will one of his Bachelorette cast mates get the gig? The official announcement is expected after Kaitlyn Bristowe hands out her final rose, but there is speculation that Nick went on the show so he could land the role of ABC’s next leading man.

[Spoilers ahead]

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Nick will be one of the final two this season and will propose to Kaitlyn at the final rose ceremony. If his spoilers are correct, she will turn him down and make Shawn Booth her fiancé.

Although Nick seemed to be falling in love with Kaitlyn, and they slept together early on in the season, many fans believe that he wanted nothing more than publicity from the show. It didn’t take him long to get over his love for former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, so there is no doubt he’d accept the opportunity to find love on TV for the third time.

One person who does not seem to be in favor of Nick becoming the next guy to hand out roses is Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. Last week, she spoke with People and revealed who she thought should be the next Bachelor. She didn’t mention Nick at all — instead, she picked the guy who didn’t cause any drama this season — Ben Higgins.

“I think Ben H. I think he’s just a well-rounded and solid guy who knows what he wants… he’s a really, really, really, solid guy, and, he’s extremely handsome.”

Ben Higgins has been a fan favorite all season, and even the rose master himself, Chris Harrison, has been dropping hints that he’s a top choice as the 2016 Bachelor — he recently told E! Online that we may see “more of Ben in the future.” Ben is not on the Bachelor in Paradise cast list, so that’s a big hint from Harrison.

As for the king of spoilers himself, Reality Steve thinks that Ben Higgins has the best shot at getting the gig, now that it’s been all but confirmed by Kaitlyn’s Snapchat that her final pick is Shawn Booth.

And why not Nick Viall? Although he does have a decent fan base, he became a much-hated cast member this season, especially after sleeping with Kaitlyn long before the Fantasy Suite dates.

Fans won’t find out who will become the next Bachelor for several more week, but expect the show’s creator, Mike Fleiss, to send out “Who should we pick?” tweet to make fans feel like they are a part of the decision process.

Whether it’s Nick, Ben H., or someone else, the announcement is expected at either the Bachelorette After the Final Rose special (July 27), or a week or two before filming starts for the Bachelor Season 20 (mid-September).

Would you like to see Nick Viall land the role of the next Bachelor?

[Image: Nick Viall/Instagram]