Serena WIlliams Proves J.K. Rowling Right For Twitter Slam

Amy Feinstein

Author J.K Rowling has put her foot down when it comes to support for Serena Williams and body shaming. Rowling has shown why she makes the big bucks as an author by writing a brilliant retort to the Twitter user's nasty comments. And to top it off, Serena attended the Wimbledon Champions Ball looking like a page out of Vogue. Take that Twitter trolls!

Serena and Rowling

But that didn't stop the troll, even when Rowling's fans jumped on board, defending Serena, her shape, and mostly her talent. The man, known as Daniel, said in vulgar language that he did not find her attractive, and that he did not want to have sex with her. He addressed Rowling again, saying that it is only logical that someone call a manly woman masculine, when she is. Daniel spoke in absolutes rather than stating it as an opinion. By now, Rowling had moved on, as she said she needed to get back to her writing, but Daniel continued.

"Blatant shenanigans are afoot. That's why theyre [meaning the Williams sisters] 2x the size of every other female player."

Do you think J.K. Rowling was right to call out Serena's Twitter critic?

[Photos courtesy of Mashable and the Wrap]