Donald Trump Bails On Miss USA Pageant While Lighting Up Twitter With Colorful Tweets

It was a big week for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, one in which he was the subject of both scathing protests and thunderous applause.

Wrapping up his wild week, the Donald was expected to attend Sunday night’s Miss USA Pageant, of which he is part owner, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but apparently having had enough following a campaign rally in Phoenix, Trump decided to forego the Miss USA Pageant and head back to New York, reports CNN.

Despite previously indicating that he was planning to attend the Miss USA gala, Donald Trump tweeted out Saturday night that he had changed his mind, his 2016 presidential campaign trumping the Miss USA Pageant.

Donald Trump and his Presidential campaign took Phoenix by storm Saturday, filling the venue with an over-capacity crowd.

During the rally, Trump didn’t pull back on his controversial views on illegal immigration, reiterating his beliefs regarding Mexico that, “They’re killing us at the border and killing us in trade.”

Following his I’m-not-attending-the-Miss-USA-Pageant tweet, Trump seemingly left Miss USA in his rear view mirror, instead focusing his Twitter efforts on political rivals and the weekend escape of Mexican drug cartel kingpin, El Chapo, from a Mexican prison.

Donald Trump recently inspired spirited protests and boycotts against all things Trump when his June Presidential kick-off speech included saying that many illegal immigrants coming over the border are “killers” and “rapists.”

Univision and NBC boycotting Trump by canceling their broadcasts of the Miss USA Pageant, were only the latest in a series of boycotts against anything connected to the Donald, even the PGA moving a golf tournament from a Donald Trump golf course in Los Angeles.

As for Trump basically boycotting his own Miss USA Pageant, and NBC and Univision turning up their noses at the program, the Miss USA show broadcast will go on via Reelz, and be available to 67 million Reelz subscribers.

According to the Miss Universe Organization President, Paula Shugart, this isn’t the first Miss USA Pageant that Donald Trump has missed.

“‎He has come a lot and there have been several Miss Universe pagents he has not attended and actually I think two or three Miss USA’s he has not attended since I’ve been here.”

So with the Miss USA Pageant now behind him, what the coming week holds for Donald Trump and his unfolding campaign trail is anyone’s guess.

[Image by Charlie Leight, Getty Images]