Botox In The Bladder: New Trend To Help With Urinary Incontinence

Paula Mooney

Over the years, women who've suffered from urinary incontinence have been instructed to practice their Kegel exercises to strengthen their bladders. They've also gone along with wearing panty liners in strenuous exercise classes in order to prevent the embarrassment and odor that can come with urine sneaking out when least expected. Now those same women are turning to a new trend: getting Botox injections in their bladders in order to help prevent such urinary leaks and accidents.

According to Penn Live, Botox shots in the bladder helped a woman named Connie Ziegler with the overactive bladder she developed as a result of suddenly being paralyzed. Defined as going to the restroom more than eight times in one day or in time periods of fewer than two-hour periods, an overactive bladder can be an annoying and embarrassing thing to suffer from. For Ziegler, Botox injections in her bladder eased her problems.

"Since I've had the injections, I've had no leakage. I'm back to my old self. I'd recommend it to anyone."

Urologist Sherif Aboseif, M.D. at St. John's Regional Medical Center, noted that urinary problems could occur after menopause. Quitting smoking, ceasing to drink alcohol, and cutting back on caffeine could help alleviate these symptoms. However, it's Botox -- or onabotulinumtoxinA -- that has many doctors excited about the prospect of the FDA approved process to help overactive bladders.

"This in-office procedure, done through a scope, can last nine months, and only takes 15 minutes. It works right away."

As reported by the Inquisitr, Botox injections in the face have caused some actresses to be called nearly unrecognizable.

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