Meet Singles In Your Area: How One Woman Ended Her Dating Frustration By Starting A Dating Service

The options to meet singles these days are vast. There are many online dating sites available, and they cater to just about every taste. Blind dates are an option for those who want to take a chance on a friend’s recommendation. For one woman though, finding a date proved so frustrating that she started a dating service.

Kathy Pewters, an active 50-something, became frustrated with the dating scene. She didn’t like online dating sites, and the chance to meet singles in nightclubs didn’t appeal to her. According to The Business Times, she said it was like buying a used car.

“It feels like you’re shopping for a used car. That’s not the experience I want and understand others don’t want. It lacks the emotional connection.”

She decided to create It’s a Date. The new dating service offers an alternative to online dating sites. She created an opportunity for others to meet singles that is sophisticated and built around the needs of her clients.

Providing a safe enjoyable way to meet singles is no easy task. Pewter decided to use videotaped interviews and questionnaires to help her match clients and make the process to meet singles much simpler by really talking to her clients about what they were looking for. Many want relationships she said, and she helps her clients find the right dates by matching them with the dates they want.

As reported in Inquisitr, one beautiful woman’s quest to meet singles resulted in 136 first dates and no second dates. Belinda Stuckey said she hadn’t found the right fit yet and didn’t want to waste her time.

With so many singles who are native to the digital culture, getting offline to meet singles might be a good idea. According to the Huffington Post, matchmakers say there are several ways to find dates offline that can help someone meet singles who have common interests and similar tastes.

Consider taking on new hobbies as a way to meet singles. Attend events related to your university alumni activities and join in hobbies that require groups to participate.

Most of the tips they gave to meet singles included making an effort to interact with other people. Instead of looking at your phone, look around at the people around you. Try smiling and show confidence. Set aside the technology for awhile as it can be a barrier to connecting with someone.

To meet singles with your interests, consider doing activities you actually like that require participation from others. Common interests allow you to meet singles who have the same tastes and spend their money the same way.

Focus on the opportunities to meet new people whether it’s in a coffee shop or on a trip. Enjoy the date without the expectation of thinking ahead to other possibilities for dates. Being approachable makes you interesting especially when you smile, and it makes it easier to meet new singles.

What do you do to meet singles in your area? Do you use online dating services or do you look offline?

[Photo Credit The Business Times]