Jennifer Lawrence At Comic-Con: Actress Talks Taylor Swift, Amy Schumer, And ‘Hunger Games’ End

Jennifer Lawrence was a hit at Comic-Con this weekend. The 24-year-old actress arrived at the yearly San Diego event on Thursday, and she made sure she was noticed throughout the weekend with her endless supply of hot looking dresses and her commentary on everything from Taylor Swift to Amy Schumer.

Before the panel for Mockingjay Part II, Lawrence started people talking about her comments in relation to Amy Schumer. The actress has been at the center of controversy in recent weeks, but Lawrence spoke about Schumer in relation to reality television.

According to a previous Inquisitr report, Lawrence said in an interview at Comic-Con that she wanted to start a Kickstarter to put Schumer on The Bachelorette. The comedian said she would be willing to look for love on the series for a million dollars, and she would donate all the money to charity. Schumer shared video of the interview on her Twitter.

On Friday, Lawrence helped take over Hall H with her last Hunger Games panel ever. Mockingjay Part II will arrive in theaters later this year. Before she headed inside though, she had her own fan girl moment, according to Vanity Fair. She stopped when she saw Bill Murray at the event, and a photo was snapped of the pair.

“I know Lawrence is an actress, but that look of glee seems pretty legit to me. If she was faking it, it would be the crazy eyes, the open mouth, or the point—not all three!”

Inside Hall H, the Hunger Games cast shared the first trailer for the final film in the series. Lawrence spoke about ending the series and the impact playing Katniss had on her life at the event, according to CBS News.

“The final film ends the story. I’m just excited for people to see how it closes out and to see that emotion and that history play out. Something was bestowed onto Katniss in a way that me saying yes into these movies was onto me. The changes that happened in my life from doing these movies are so permanent and still with me that I don’t think I’ll ever say goodbye to her.”

A fan also asked Lawrence about the film during its Comic-Con panel. She shared more about the experience filming the Hunger Games franchise, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“When I first signed onto these movies I was 20 and now I’m 24. I remember first feeling frustration about Katniss’s hesitation to be this hero. I remember reading it and wanting her to be excited to take this role… As I grew with her I realized how real and also powerful it was. Her hesitation to start this was because war doesn’t solve problems sometimes. And so, I can’t remember what your question was, but I remember thinking this could possibly answer it. So I hope that is in fact true.”

Jennifer had another big panel on Saturday. She was one of the stars on hand for the X-Men: Apocalypse panel. Fans received their first look at the film, with a full trailer showing during the panel. Jennifer plans to leave the franchise after this next film, and Hugh Jackman will also soon end his time as Wolverine. The actor’s career was made when he was cast in the first X-Men film in 2000.

Jackman did attend the X-Men panel on Saturday, and he shared a moment with Jennifer Lawrence on stage, according to Just Jared. The actor spoke briefly about the impact the film franchise has had on his life.

“Playing the legend that is Wolverine has been the greatest part of my life. I’m here today for one major reason, and that’s to thank the fans. You’ve always been there, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. [Auditioning for X-Men] was the moment that changed my life forever.”

As for Lawrence, she turned heads more than once during the event this weekend. She stepped out for several Comic-Con parties, and her looks were noticed several times. According to E! Online, Lawrence had people stopping to look at her as she wore a “sexy, sleeveless, skin-tight sapphire-colored metallic dress with a pencil skirt and round neckline that showed off her cleavage, as well as a thigh-high split that showed off one of her shapely legs, paired with strappy sandals.”

At the Entertainment Weekly party on Saturday, she wore another attention-grabbing dress. This time, it was a “chic, white, ribbed, off-the-shoulder white mini dress, which she paired with a white jeweled clutch and silver strappy sandals.”

The actress is definitely one that knows how to grab people’s attention. She did it with more than just her looks this weekend though. Extra spoke with Lawrence at Comic-Con, and she praised Taylor Swift for her handling of Apple.

“Taylor Swift is a bad**s. That letter she wrote about Apple? I texted her and was like, ‘You is a bad**s b***h.’ She’s awesome.”

Lawrence even tackled the tabloid media and some of the rumors about her, according to E! Online. Lawrence is currently dating Chris Martin from Coldplay, and People Magazine reported that the couple spent the 4th of July weekend together. Lawrence is not a fan of the tabloids though.

“It’s funny because…I’ll always read stuff about other celebrities. Like I’ll see like something on the cover of something and be like, ‘Wow! They broke up?’ You’re like, ‘Why are they…’ and I’m like, ‘What are you doing? You know none of this is real!’ I’ll break up with somebody and move in with them in one solid week. Am I pregnant, too? God, no—I’m not pregnant!…I don’t pay any attention. I can’t. It’s so fictional. There’s no point in paying attention to it.”

What is next for Jennifer Lawrence? The actress has signed on to star in The Passenger with Chris Pratt. She will earn $20 million for the film. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, she will also star in the big screen adaptation of The Rosie Project as the romantic lead. The film “tells the story of awkward academic Don Tillman who tries to apply scientific principles to his search for a mate. His carefully rational approach is tested by the appearance in his life of the chaotic Rosie.”

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence? Are you excited to see Mockingjay Part II and X-Men: Apocalypse on the big screen?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]