Donald Trump Update: Comic Jackie Mason Thinks Trump Is The Next President

Amid the controversy surrounding Donald Trump and his recent speech on illegal immigration, comedian Jackie Mason comes to the business mogul’s defense, claiming that while the rest of the Republican Party “stinks,” at least Trump is making sense.

In a recent interview with Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, Mason indicated that not only does he back Trump, but he also thinks that other Republicans have accomplished nothing while Trump is making progress.

“The Republican Party stinks because all of the Republicans have accomplished nothing, and they talk about all of these issues and do nothing about it for a whole lifetime. Trump is the only guy who tells the truth, and it threatens all of them. They think he’s threatening the ­Republican Party.”

The comedian also touched on the recent tragedy surrounding Kate Steinle, a California woman killed in San Francisco on July 1, allegedly by a previously-deported illegal immigrant. Mason indicated that Trump is helping to save lives, which could ultimately mean the win for presidency.

Jackie Mason

“It exposed [Republicans] for idiots. . . So [Trump], who is going to save thousands and thousands of lives with what he said, is the only person they think is a dumbbell. I see it as very strong possibility that he is going to bury all of them and he is going to come out the big winner.”

A recent Reuters/Ispos poll released on Saturday indicates that Trump is close to tied in popularity with Florida Governor Jeb Bush. While Bush still leads with an online vote of 16.1 percent, Trump is trailing only slightly behind with an online vote of 15.8 percent.

Trump, however, in his usual blunt fashion, indicated that he has no idea why he isn’t a lot more popular than Bush, insinuating that Bush doesn’t care about illegal immigration.

“Jeb Bush, let’s say he’s president — Oy, yoy, yoy. How can I be tied with this guy? He’s terrible. Terrible. He’s weak on immigration.”

Not everyone is pleased with Trump’s antics, however, including Colombian singer Shakira, who used Twitter to vent her frustration last month after Trump accused Mexico of dumping rapists and killers into the United States.


Regardless, it doesn’t look like Donald Trump intends to apologize or recant what he said. Although he did claim to love and respect the people of Mexico, the former Celebrity Apprentice star recently reiterated to a packed crowd in Las Vegas that “Mexicans are killing us at the border and wreaking havoc.”

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