WWE News: After Hitting Career Milestone, Sheamus Prepares For Battle With Randy Orton

WWE superstar Sheamus is enjoying an uptick in his career as of late. As previously reported by Inquisitr, the pale paladin grabbed the Money in the Bank briefcase at last month’s big pay-per-view show. Recently, Sheamus also hit a milestone of sorts with regard to his televised singles performances. According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, the Irish-born grappler has now accumulated 200 television victories, becoming the first in his profession to do so since at least 2006.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal cites results tabulated by North American Wrestling Rankings, an online repository for pro wrestling results and related data. NAWR began logging WWE and TNA results since November, 2006, and within the past few years, site contributors also started tracking Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground along with promotions out of Mexico and Puerto Rico.

NAWR currently credits the Celtic Warrior with 200 televised singles wins and 64 losses, with an additional 44 bouts categorized as “no decision.” His 200th win occurred on last week’s Monday Night Raw according to material quoted by Sportskeeda. Sheamus defeated rival Roman Reigns via count-out on that episode.

Sheamus is presently slotted in the number four position of the NAWR’s overall rankings. John Cena holds the top spot in NAWR’s current list, boasting 188 televised singles wins, 58 losses and 48 “no decision” finishes. The site operates on a point system to determine overall rankings as opposed to ranking wrestlers via their win/loss percentages. Generally speaking, this explains how veteran wrestler Kane grabs the number two spot despite only winning 44 percent of his televised singles matches since late ’06.

Sheamus acknowledged the distinction with a tweet earlier this week.


Although Sheamus obviously feels like he is headed for the top of the heap in WWE, he still has a bit of climbing ahead. The magazine Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked Sheamus at number 21 in last year’s PWI 500 listings, falling well short of the top spot which was awarded to Daniel Bryan. More recently, he came up short in a bid for the Intercontinental title when Ryback won an Elimination Chamber contest for the vacant strap.

Irrespective of his past defeats, Sheamus will get the chance to keep his momentum rolling on the forthcoming episode of Monday Night Raw. He’s expected to respond to a challenge laid down by Randy Orton last week when Orton clobbered the irreverent Irishman with a surprise attack. Indeed, Orton’s vow to humiliate Sheamus by “ripping that stupid mohawk off of his fat head and shoving it up his pale, white arse” might well force the two men into a senses-shattering showdown at next weekend’s Battleground event.

[Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images]