Taylor Swift Not ‘Disappointed’ That Selena Gomez Hung Out With Justin Bieber

It turns out Taylor Swift did not tell or imply to an alleged Hollywood Life source that she is “disappointed” that Selena Gomez hung out with Justin Bieber over the weekend.

On-again, off-again sweethearts Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were snapped relaxing poolside with family and friends at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills on Saturday, July 11.

On Sunday, Hollywood Life, a gossip website with a well-earned reputation for fabrication, alleged that Taylor is “worried about her tour stop tonight but has heard that [Justin and Selena] got together and she gave the reaction that was basically full of disappointment.”

The so-called source allegedly added, “People around her are saying Taylor is showing a ‘what the f**k!?’ type attitude.”

Unfortunately for Hollywood Life, the credibility of that claim is completely negated for two reasons.

First, a Swift source informed watchdog website Gossip Cop that Taylor stated nothing of the kind. “Our insider scoffed at the idea that the webloid has any idea what Swift is or isn’t thinking, and assures Gossip Cop that the blog’s latest tale is also ‘made up … not true,’ ” the site wrote.

Second, Swift did not perform on Sunday. That fact directly refutes the “tonight” time-frame of Hollywood Life’s fictional insider. Taylor played two shows in New Jersey on Friday and Saturday. Her next scheduled dates are Monday and Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

Hollywood Life previously topped Gossip Cop’s “Worst Outlet in Celebrity Journalism” last November. The website has been called out for fabrication by celebrities including Gomez, Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Austin Mahone, the mother of Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello — and more.

The gossip website was notably exposed for fabricating a feud between Swift and Gomez, which was proven to be false when the two female stars were repeatedly spotted together. Gomez and Swift publicly laughed off the false claim last September.

In short, Taylor Swift did not tell a Hollywood Life source that she was “disappointed” that Selena spent time with Justin over the weekend.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The Latina and Canadian don't seem to be able to quit each other, but perhaps they are just friends)

Hollywood Life’s claims about the former Jelena didn’t stop there. The outlet also claims a witness said Selena was seen sitting on Justin’s lap in a private cabana at the hotel during their allegedly PDA-packed meet-up. However, there is no photographic or video evidence of this.

At one point, Justin, 21, was seen walking into the hotel shirtless with blue swim trunks on, while Selena, 22, walked behind him wearing a large black t-shirt. In other photos, Selena is seen wearing a navy blue and white detail bikini.

Pictures appear to show the two superstars were at ease in each other’s company, which is markedly different to the impression given when Gomez was spotted leaving Tori Kelly’s album release party with British star Ed Sheeran last month, reportedly shortly after Justin rocked up to the bash.

In May, the actress-singer and the heartthrob popped up in a Snapchat story filmed at a church-related social night. So, it looks like Jelena have managed to maintain a friendship despite their dramatic split last September. Inevitably, fans and media began speculating that the pair have reunited.

Adding to all the chatter are the latest music releases from the pair. While neither star has said their new singles refer to each other, many wondered if Selena’s sensuous “Good For You” and Justin’s collaborative Jack Ü track “Where Are Ü Now” and accompanying music video are very public declarations of love?

As yet, no credible source information has surfaced to confirm or deny whether the former couple have reunited. It’s entirely possible that the Biebs and Selena are content to remain friends and have no intention of rekindling a romance.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Perhaps the biggest mystery is why fans think a former couple who dated for four years wouldn't be in contact)

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